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Says you. They are badass.

I agree with Manton. These are too large and a distraction from an otherwise excellent outfit. I much prefer the scale of your sunglasses. Those are ideal for your face and the proportions of your clothing (width of tie, width of lapel, etc.)
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Those are Karl Lagerfeld shades. Dump them. Rest of ensemble I want.

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No cuffs and a duller finish on the shoes would be better, for less focus on the feet. Of course that's also a product of the camera angle. Pants a shade darker also would lessen the jump from torso to feet.
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He definitely needs to lose the cuffs.
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Foo-approved? You're famous...




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Have a two-part question about something and whether it's Foo-approved:

Part 1: Am looking to pair a lilac mini gingham shirt with a purple tie I own and am trying to decide whether it's working. There are three shades of purple total, two in the tie and one in the shirt. Part of me likes it while part of me thinks that the tie is fairly bold while the shirt has softer tones and the two aren't going together 100% and that a purple knit tie might be better. The pics are a bit crappy, but hopefully clear enough.

FWIW, the suit will either be navy with a light grey pinstripe or charcoal with a small, very subtle check also in grey.

Part 2: While I know the rule is never let them show, would wearing dark purple braces with the above combination (assuming it meets Foo-proval standards) be too "matchy"? Invariably, at some point someone will see them, hence my curiosity. They are purple silk ones and I'd post a pic except they're still in a box (just moved).

2012-08-08_21-55-26_438.jpg 1452k .jpg file 2012-08-08_21-55-10_144.jpg 1200k .jpg file
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Hey Foo-ster... where you at?
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