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Ray Ban Question...

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Hey guys... I have a few questions regarding Ray Bans (specifically Wayfarers). One, is it possible to separately purchase and put in polarized lenses? I was looking at ones in "black rubber" and they don't come polarized, so wonder how much it'd cost to make an upgrade.

However, if I decide against that, I'll just be getting them in regular black and I founds these at J.Crew:


It seems like a damn good price, especially considering they also mention G15 (polarized) lenses? Is this to good to be true? Does anyone know? Since the seemingly same sunglasses at Rayban.com cost $169 (RB2312, black, G15XLT lens)...


Any help appreciated. Thanks!
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I believe there are polarized replacement lenses on eBay that fit RayBan models...
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