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My weight loss

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Well my highest weight years ago was 367 lbs. Now I'm 336 lbs. and still stand at 6'1". I've loss 5 lbs last week. All together I loss 31 lbs. What do you think?
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How are you achieving the weight loss?

Diet, exercise, both?
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I've been eating less, small portions my friend. Didn't eat hours before I go to bed. Three meals a day!
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Congrats. Start exercising.
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nicely done, keep it up
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The best advice I can give you? Cut out all soda/ sugary juices and replace with zero calorie options (preferably water or flavored sparkling water).

You will notice pounds melt away pretty quickly
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Two words. Intermittent Fasting.

Look it up.
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congrats!  keep up the good work.  if you actually start exercising regularly, and maintain a healthy diet, i'm sure you can skim down to the sub 300 lbs. range in no time.

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Well I've went to the doctor today because of a earache, long story. But good news, I've lost 2 lbs. Now all together I've lost 33 lbs. since my highest weight years ago of 367 lbs. I'm now 334 lbs.
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An UPDATE: My mother bought me a measuring tape for clothing at Wal-Mart this past weekend. I've measured myself. Did a little improvisation, I pretend the measuring tape is the shirt collar, and I measured it on my Adam's apple (which is the right way). I've put my finger under it. It I put more than two fingers under it and it's snugly, it fits. If I put more than two fingers under it and not snugly, it's too big. Since I control the calories and not eating hours before I go to sleep.

I measured myself. Here's the results. Neck size: 17' 1/2" (I was that size around 1998), Chest: around 54". Waist: around 56". BTW, my mother measured my sleeve length: 34" inches.

The problem, the waist is bigger than my chest.

What do you think about it? Am I doing good on my weight loss?
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if you're losing, then yeah it's going well. but I'm not going to lie, slimming down from 300+ lbs to wherever it is you want to end up will be a long road, but you can absolutely do it. just stay consistent and watch the inches come off your waist.
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Good job, don't quit and let us know when you are at sub 200!
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