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Ron Burgundy has got to be up there.
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It's gotta be Matt Bomer from White Collar.
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Originally Posted by Bradford View Post

While not all of these shows are still on television, I would say:
Don Draper - Mad Men
Frasier Crane - Frasier
Jack Donaghy - 30 Rock
Leo McGarry - The West Wing
Ari Gold - Entourage
Victor Sifuentes (Jimmy Smits) - LA Law
Horatio Caine - CSI Miami
Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel) - Las Vegas
Sonny Crockett - Miami Vice
James Rockford - The Rockford Files

Nice...Also going back further.....
---Ricky Ricardo and Fred Mertz from "I Love Lucy"
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Originally Posted by Panos View Post

Do you know who makes the suits for him, Cary Agos and 
Neal Caffrey?

Harvey Specter's suits are Tom Ford. Reference this interview with the actor: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtracker/2011/07/qa-gabriel-macht-suits-up-for-usa-network-.html

No idea on the other two. I'm no fan of Neal Caffrey's wardrobe, and I'm not familiar with the character Cary Agos.
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1.)Don Draper (Jon Hamm, Mad Men)
2.)Detective Dwight Hendricks (Jason Lee on the late great Memphis Beat)
3.)Barnabas Collins (the late Jonathan Frid on Dark Shadows)
4.)Mr. Humphries (the late John Inman on Are You Being Served?)
5.)Remington Steele (Pierce Brosnan)
6.)Dr. Paul Hunter (ex-GMA host David Hartman on the rare series from NBC The Bold Ones)
7.)Dr. Steven Kiley (James Brolin, Marcus Welby, M.D.)
8.)Dr. Roger Coleridge (Ron Hale on now defunct soap Ryan's Hope)
9.)Joe Novak (the Roscoe Born one from Ryan's Hope)
10.)Lamont Sanford (Demond Wilson on Sanford & Son)
11.)Roger Sterling (John Slattery on Mad Men)
12.)Detective Sgt. Ron Harris (Ron Glass on Barney Miller from seasons 6-8)
13.)Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard General Hospital)
14.)Quentin Collins (David Selby on Dark Shadows on the present day storylines)
15.)Alex P. Keaton (Michael J. Fox on Family Ties)
16.)Barney (Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother?)
17.)Dr. Ted Stuart (John Saxon on The Bold Ones)
18.)Gavin 'Spinner' Mason (Shane Kippel formerly of Degrassi)
19.)Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey on now-defunct All My Children)
20.)Stuart Chandler (David Canary also on AMC)
21.)Dr. Noah Drake (Rick Springfield during the 1980s era General Hospital)
22.)Alexander (now oldest Oscar winner Christopher Plummer on well-forgotten USA show from early 1990s Counterstrike with the late Simon MacCorkindale)
23.)The late Detective Bobby Simone (played by Jimmy Smits on NYPD Blue)
24.)Declan Coyne (Landon Liboiron on Degrassi before heading to now-defunct Terra Nova)
25.)Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy on Days of Our Lives)

My top 5 worst dressed TV characters:

1.)Mr. Brown (David Mann on Meet The Browns)
2.)Balki (Bronson Pinchot on Perfect Strangers)
3.)Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman Mad Men)
4.)Parallel Time's 1970 Quentin Collins (David Selby on Dark Shadows when he had on that orange plaid jacket many fans didn't like)
5.)Pops (John Witherspoon on The Wayans Bros., he's funny but I don't know about his wardrobe on that popular 1990s series from the defunct WB network)
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I really don't see the appeal in Don's silhouette, I find him block-like. Nothing spectacular about his fits, his ties, pocketsquares, shoes etc. CBD can be done much better than that.

Roger on the other hand, everything Don lack, Roger has three-folds of. Same goes for Lane and Salvatore.
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Originally Posted by Panos View Post


Do you know who makes the suits for him, Cary Agos and Neal Caffrey?

neal caffrey wears a fair amount of actual vintage suiting (make unknown).  He also wears varvatos and paul smith...  *shrug*




the trick to this is that most tv stars are wearing wardrobe suits, with no maker and unfinished seams to be refit for a different person later.  Goes to show that any suit can generally look good on the right physique, tailored well.


meanwhile I agree, leterman probably wears some of the most expensive clothing on TV, and does not really yield an inspiring product.  The man makes the clothes.

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Most soap operas (despite that the genre is declining recently) in the 1980s had their wardrobes furnished by high-end department stores like Barney's New York for example on now defunct soaps Ryan's Hope (ABC), As The World Turns and The Guiding Light (CBS). Another defunct ABC soap opera All My Children had their wardrobes from Saks Fifth Avenue. I miss Ohrbach's, they provided clothes for soaps in the 1960s and 1970s like the so-popular Dark Shadows for example.
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Originally Posted by Flyswatter View Post

Harvey Specter. End of thread.

+1, agreed (even though the only time I can stand to watch the show is when it's part of in-flight entertainment).

Also agree with the posters who mentioned Roger Sterling (John Slattery) on Mad Men; impeccable dresser.

Detective Fontana (Dennis Farina) on the original Law & Order (a bit of the "wise guy" look, but he pulled it off quite well).

I'm sure I'll think of others, at which point I'll update.


Dr. Foreman (Omar Epps) on House (not always, but noteworthy in my opinion)

Detective Bunk Moreland (Wendell Pierce) on The Wire (did quite well in spite of a less than ideal build for nice clothes)

DA Arthur Branch (Fred Thompson) on the original Law & Order

Denny Crane (William Shatner) on Boston Legal (a little loud sometimes, but definitely well dressed)

Second round of edits:

Not a fan of Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) on Entourage (a lot of the stuff is just too loud and cheap looking for my taste) but I do think that Terence (Malcolm McDowell) should definitely be on the list, even though his appearances on the show were few.

Richard (Teddy Sears) on the short-lived Raising the Bar

Any of the plain-clothed (non-uniformed) characters on Pan Am; did almost as good a job as Mad Men (without any of the latter's plot/character depth or substance)

Nucky Thompson, Chalky White and Arnold Rothstein (Steve Buscemi, Michael Kenneth Williams and Stuhlbarg respectively) on Boardwalk Empire. Only Stuhlbarg's outfits have withstood the test of time in any meaningful way.

Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler) on Californication (not exactly MC forum standards, but very current, IMO; similar style to Caruso on CSI: Miami but less douchey).

Robert Herjavec (as himself) on CBS' Shark Tank (nobody said it had to be scripted TV and he has some great suits)
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Thanks again for all these great suggestions. I will wait for a few more nominees and then compile a list with 25-30 characters. I am planning on creating a survey for this to get some real input from guys here on this Forum, the AskAndyForum, as well as men in downtown SF.

Keep the suggestions coming!


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If it doesn't have to be scripted, then I will throw out the name Scott Disick from the Kardashian shows. He seems like a total douche, but he's well dressed.
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Originally Posted by Bradford View Post

If it doesn't have to be scripted, then I will throw out the name Scott Disick from the Kardashian shows. He seems like a total douche, but he's well dressed.

Couldn't agree more on your douche bag comment. But the Top10 list will focus on style, fashion, fit, wardrobe uniqueness, etc. A guy can be a total A$$ but still be #1 on the list.
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Somebody mentioned Frasier. I love the show, but some of the stuff he wears seems very dated now.

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28 posts and no-one mentions Bertie Wooster?
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Originally Posted by RogerC View Post

28 posts and no-one mentions Bertie Wooster?

Didn't even know the character until you mentioned him. I agree, definitely worth a nomination.

Although I wanted to stay out of the discussion, and initially didn't want to throw in my personal favorites, I couldn't hold back on one of our top picks: Robert, Earl of Grantham of PBS's Downtown Abbey (but then again I am quite biased since I like the style of the 1910-1920

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