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was thinking about this for the stove: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000IEQ42Q
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I camp a lot by car and boat, and enjoy having a comfortable setup. If you're not backpacking, you can get much cheaper, low-tech equipment.

IMO, a comfortable air mattress is the most important thing for making it a great experience. I have a Thermarest ($$) that I use when I need to travel light, but you can't beat a thick, cheap Coleman twin size air bed from Wally World for sheer cush. Unfortunately, they're not very durable, and seem to leak after a few years. You'll need some sort of pump, too.

I recently added a big LL Bean cot to my sleeping setup, and it's really nice. Not necessary, though.

For the summer, basically any sleeping bag will do. I like the big rectangular roomy ones.

Your pillow from your bed will make you feel like you're in the lap of luxury.

For tents, I have always had good luck with Eureka. Get one sized for twice the actual number of people who will be sleeping in it.

A nice big cooler.

A propane Coleman 2 burner cook stove.

Propane lantern is cool, although the fluorescent ones are pretty good. I really like the candle lantern for just a little extra light around the campfire, if you don't need bright light. Uco brand, I think?

A big bin for food and cookware.

Water and a refill plan.


Hammock is nice.


First aid kit.

Toilet paper, and a plan for going #2.

Some of my friends swear by a rain fly. We've never used one, but have thought about it for over the picnic table. Good for shade or if it's rainy.

Solar shower is really nice, if there's water and a little privacy.

Folding chairs.

Cards, board games, books.

Bug protection.

My rules for avoiding a really shitty camping experience:

I hate camping in the rain, and it seems whenever I've talk to someone who said "I tried camping once, and hated it", it turns out they always got drenched in the rain. I will skip a camping trip rather than camp in the rain. Even your favorite people crammed in a tent for a day or two wear really thin.

Avoid noisy neighbors who want to party all night, crank their gross music, and whoop it up until dawn. Unless you are one of them and then please camp someplace far away.

Animals, especially raccoons, are a real pain. Raccoons can torture you and wipe out all your food. Hoist it high in a tree. Bears are something to be aware of and prepared for, too.

Clean dishes and cookware thoroughly to avoid food poisoning. Getting sick while camping really sucks. It's harder to do dishes while camping, but very important.

Have fun!

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This is a pretty good checklist for car camping

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At the point where you're bringing a "marshmallow fork/hair dryer/shower stall" you might as well take Matt's advice and bring along a hotel. 



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Originally Posted by pg600rr View Post

Want to start camping again this year, havent done it since my teens... however would like to be doing it comfortably, and not really roughing it. Gotta get all new gear, but not really sure what to be getting or what particular brands/items, so far the list includes:
aero bed or cot (want a really nice comfotable one)
large cooler
canopy w/ screen, fan, push lights
folding table
fan for tent
good flash light
any reccomendations for specific items?


you're taking a fan camping? a cot?
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It is not a world of men, GT.



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Originally Posted by lefty View Post

It is not a world of men, GT.


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From another perspective, in the late 60's I went backpacking for 10 days with 8 guys in the mountains of New Mexico while in Boy Scouts. This was the old school, pre-nylon, pre-fleece, era when everything was fairly heavy canvas, cotton or metal

We each carried:
a sleeping bag
1 plate 1 spoon and a swiss army knife
extra socks
one extra pair of shorts
3 t shirts 3 underwear (we burned our used clothing along the way to cut down on weight)
a few candles
toothpaste, toothbrush
2 qt canteen

As a group, we split up the rest by weight and each carried some of the following
-dehydrated food
-frying pan
-large pot
-4 tarps and rope (no tents, they were too heavy)
-First aid kit
-some minor cleaning supplies, TP and one large spoon

Having very little we were able to move quickly and efficiently. We were in two major all night rain storms but managed to stay dry.

This worked, but for the same amount of weight today with so many amazing advances in lightweight equipment we could have been in the lap of luxury.
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I read this thread prior to taking my wife on her very first camping trip. We came prepared with great food and lots of comforts. Including pillows. Being in Big Sur helps too.

The last full day it started to rain and I was thinking of what Mbogo wrote ^^^^^ about camping in the rain. So we bailed early and headed home. Brilliant advice. She had a blast. Was happy to avoid muddy conditions and we left the beautiful coast on a high note. She wants to go back again. Mission Accomplished!
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Congrats on making her first experience a positive one.
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1 knife
1 machete
1 bow
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