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Do These Go?

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hey, im new round here and just looking for a quick answer. sorry in advance if this is the wrong section for this post or whatever :)


normally dress quite street/chavy, and wanting to get more into fashion and smarter. want some smart shoes and smarter jeans without brands plastered all over them. dont really want vans and chinos as everyone is wearing those atm <_<


so just wondering if these jeans and shoes go together? Thanks :)

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This goes in quick questions/answers.


First of all: those shoes are pretty poor knockoffs on Vans. Yeah, Voi is a decent brand blah blah blah, but get a pair of Vans instead. Blue plimsolls are pretty versatile and go good with all sorts of jeans (except for bootcuts), so yes. Get a pair plimsolls.  


Second: those are not good looking jeans. They are an abomination meant as workwear. You should never, ever, wear those out of a work-related situation where they're actually useful.

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Excellent avatar.
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You want to get less "chavvy" and you would buy those jeans?


Re-examination needed. 

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That polo is horrible, I suppose they all "go" colours wise, but they're all kind of awful.

If you're looking for nice, cheapish jeans, go for some uniqlo ones. Uniqlo is good for shirts, and if you really have to, polos too. 


I always find vans to look kind of disproportionate, but if you really want something that looks like vans go for real vans, but a better shoe would be a pair of white cons, you can never really go wrong with them.

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