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Lucchesse fit issues and quality questions and choosing a cowboy hat

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I found myself in Texas and wanted to get a souvenir. I soon found myself with a pair of Lucchesse Classics roper ostrich hide boots. I thought this was a great choice as the ostrich in a nice brown shade is more unusual (and memorable for me) than leather but not so bling or pimp as alligator. I also got the more normal shoe heels of roper boots (instead of the 3-inch or higher heels of classic cowboy boots) as I have serious doubts these boots will ever meet a stirrup. I basically have what are analogous to a pair of very nice ostrich Chelsea boots. (Sadly, I actually went to a store and paid full retail and sales tax and apologize for the sentimental moment. I can buy future boots off the Internet)

Couple of questions.

First, has anyone fit differently in regular Lucchesse classics and the ropers? I got an EE width for my wide feet and am wondering if the ropers are slightly loose. I have a bit of room to wiggle my toes slightly and the heel goes up a little. The saleswoman said the heels should go up a little or there is no give in the boot (and no blood circulation). Then, the exact same size in the normal boots is just too loose that my heel goes up by more than 30 degrees, so I gave up trying to find my size and got the ropers.

I was wondering if it's just a problem getting non-laced RTW boots with my wide feet. The part of the boots under my shoe's arch is not narrow and beveled like my Lobb Prestige and comparable shoes. Not sure if the waist needs to be wider as these are cowboy boots or if this is a sign of less handwork on the waist. Not sure if the fit for these non-laced boots would be better if the waist was narrower (and if I got boots custom made).

I understand Lucchesse Classics are top of the line without going custom and am happy with what is turning out to be a very comfortable pair in full quill ostrich, but just want to know being from SF.

Second, would you buy a cowboy hat to go with the boots? I was looking at Stetsons and Resistols and looking for 10x felt and have an idea of my size but figure that is better done through an online purchase as the selection might not be very broad anywhere. I'm not sure about the style; I tried on a couple with the brims curling up and thought those were so over the top that I could not possibly wear them anywhere outside a costume party.
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no hat, unless you are a 50 year old rancher.

texans of all ages wear cowboy boots. its common place.

you wont see a hat on someone who isnt in a have a pair of creased stonewashed jeans stepping out of a f150
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To be clear, I am considering buying a hat as a souvenir but ideally would use it if travelling in colder cities where one would walk outdoors a bit. If I am buying something, I figure I may as well buy a nice one, even if I will not use it regularly. I guess I am wondering if there is any cowboy hat that is not so over the top I might consider buying it.
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