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Originally Posted by eg1 View Post

retart question -- also good for walking rather than running?


Yes.  Good for basically anything that is a "natural" movement.  Not ideal for weird contrived motions that humans aren't meant to do.  


Not good bowling shoes. :)

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Originally Posted by CalTex View Post

I see what you are saying, from what I have been told/read by "experts" you should always try to avoid heel striking, do you agree with this for every type of runner? . I have been told that it causes hip problems and other joint pain. I am sure there were other benefits they mentioned but I do not remember.
So when walking in VFF do you heel strike or continue to land on your fore-foot?
Does anyone have any thoughts on SuperFeet?


your body is not designed to heel strike running, especially bare foot.  that's why all those running shoes have heel cushions to minimize the damage.


and no, running bare foot or in vff, even if you have a long stride, you will land on your toe/metatarsal


btw, been using vff since 08. gotta phase it in very very slowly as the posture/motion with them will be very very different than regular running shoes.  and dont run long distances in them without condition first.  i skip working out for half a year and ran 10k in vff.  stress fracture.  not fun.

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Just pulled the trigger on some New Balance Minimus MT00 (zero drop heel) for more every day use and for things like hiking or where I need more traction than the VFF Sprints provide. VFF will still be my lifting/indoor workout shoe.
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