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Camel chukkas.

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Some photos from my visits to MOTO from years past:

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Zakurie, great pics!

Heard word last night that MOTO and MOTOR are, at some point, planning to start retailing in the US, either through other shops or there own store. Exciting stuff, but very much still embryonic.
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These are my wife's new Pecos Boots in Natural. While MOTO shoes aren't big enough for me, her options were actually quite limited because she needed the rather rare lady's size 0.







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Sweet! I'm sure your wife is very happy.

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Originally Posted by PhiPsi32 View Post

Sweet! I'm sure your wife is very happy.

She was indeed very happy. She seemed to be even more infatuated with the color than when she tried them on at MOTO. It is a great color. And they are so well constructed!
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Those Pecos look amazing.  If my feet were smaller and my bank balance was bigger I'd be very tempted to proxy some MOTOs.

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Indeed. They are really nice, and really small. You probably already saw it, but they have this in a men's boot in the above, and in CXL.


Largest size is around 9.5-10 US.
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Thanks for the link, they look great in the more subdued natural.  As for sizing I'm a slightly wide US 10, foot length about 27.5cm. Size 3 might work, but perhaps a fraction small.


Nice thread btw, I heard about them while ago but hadn't found much info.

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I'm glad I found this thread. 


I've been talking to Moto with a couple of colleagues for a few months about distributing their products outside Japan. There are a few challenges. 


1. Sizes. Moto's shoes are not built on lasts that will fit Western feet. 

2. Time. Hideo is very busy and they are working on a number of art projects this year (Hideo and his sons are artists in leather and silver who exhibit worldwide). 

3. Demand. It's hard to work out if the US market would support the sale of products at sufficient volume to make the expense and effort worthwhile.


As things stand we're looking at 2013 as the earliest we might be able to set things up - as stated above. However given our personal relationship with Moto, and in response to this thread, we're wondering if there's any interest in a group buy. 


We can't promise anything without talking to Moto again, but we have plans to meet with them in person again in April. If we were to arrange a group buy, predicated on advance payment obviously, who would be interested in what? 


The point wouldn't be to profit, it would give us a way of showing the level of demand for products in the US in a way they can see. Proxy buys don't impact them the same way as a group buy will. If we can place a tangible order it may help accelerate things as they recognize the level of real demand here. We may even be able to arrange to purchase at cost, allowing us to pass some saving onto you. 


Is there any interest? If not thanks for reading. No one wants to make Moto available in the West, with proper support and sizing, more than we do. 


We'd have to confirm things with Moto, get pricing, and then obtain payment ahead of any deliveries. Prices would likely be higher than Japan and may be higher than some proxies. We don't intend to profit but will operate entirely legitimately and above-board when it comes to taxes and duties.



We're in two minds as to the practicalities of offering to deliver shoes. The sizing issue makes getting things right and returns essentially impossible. As we don't want to disappoint we'd rather focus on bags and accessories in the first instance. 


If you're interested, please respond with the detail of what you'd like. If shoes are part of that by all means list them, we can't promise anything and certainly can't manage returns, special requests or sizing. Non-shoe items are a much safer bet, at least to start. 


We look forward to hearing from you.

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I wear alden indyboot in 8D US so which size i would have to wear in this brand :D

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Mr. Skelter, welcome to the forum and the thread, and many thanks for the very interesting information. Hopefully we will see some interest in MOTO products or a group buy. Wishing you much success in this endeavor.

Recognizing that shoes, particularly large sizes, present a few extra problems, I would still like to express my interest in a few MOTO and MOTOR shoes and boots. If MOTO made these in my size, I would purchase these, instantly. These are shoes I am personally interested in, but I also feel they are representative and distinctive styles in the MOTO line.


Camel Chukkas in white


Camel Lace-up in dark brown


Plain toe lace ups in brown


Oxford shoes in brown CXL


MOTOR Lace up Boots in Natural CXL
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Originally Posted by chanakit View Post

I wear alden indyboot in 8D US so which size i would have to wear in this brand biggrin.gif

I have no experience with actual sizing, so I can't say with any confidence, but based on their sizing chart, it looks like you would be a size 2.
8.5D is a 26.5cm in Japanese sizes and that appears to be a 2 in MOTO sizes. See the sizing chart here, for example:
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I would take out a second mortgage on my home to get some MOTO or Motor shoes. I am also interested in the models Kashiwa listed above as well as the engineer boots.

I am planning to visit MOTO Aoyama later this year. I will tell them the same thing.
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That camel lace up boot. nod[1].gif
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