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Leather Arts & Crafts MOTO (Aoyama--Tokyo, Japan) Appreciation Thread - Page 19

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No worries! Thanks.
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whoa, i did not know you could get them to vibram it for you!

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Originally Posted by nigritude View Post

whoa, i did not know you could get them to vibram it for you!

Was their suggestion. I figured it was about the same price as in the US (for just the front portion) and they'd be sure it was absolutely perfect before sending it out.

Looks like it'll be a couple of weeks before I get my 2s but it'll be worth it.
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Just received my exchange from MOTO. Had to send back the 3 and got a 2.

They fit much better. But they are *still* roomy. I may end up putting an insole in just to make it snug. I don't know if they changed their sizing or not. But I'm a 9.5 with wide feet and these are quite generous on me. Just an FYI for anyone wondering.

12.25" outsole and just over 4" wide.

But they were extremely nice at the company and I would recommend dealing directly with them if possible.

They will even Vibram them for an extra ¥30k ($28).
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@ Alex - is yours CXL or Cow Leather?

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Cordovan. Shinki Cordovan (if that matters)
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^ that's sweet.


I emailed to ask about the Oxford with Vibram. Not sure if I'll get a reply.

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I'm sure you will. They are extremely prompt and courteous. Good luck. They're a fantastic shoe. Even turned a few heads over in the baller shoe/boot thread. smile.gif

Edit: not sure what size you are, but if you take a MOTO size 3 they have mine sitting on a shelf (presumedly) waiting for somebody to ask. Those babies would get to you in a week.
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Thanks for sharing your experiences. I was very close to ordering a pair of desert longs a couple of years ago but it looks like they've pulled that model now, at least it's no longer on the website:

(There are a couple more good photos on the first page of this thread.)

I could email them, I suppose ..
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I'm most likely a 1 from the info I gathered.


Hopefully I can get a pair, but it's a tough choice between the Brown & Antique. Brown looks vintage to me & like a finished product while Antique would probably evolve like the Natural CXL, aged & patina. 

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Glad I found this thread. I'm quite new to "high end" boots, I currently own 3 pairs of Red Wings, but have recently started looking for a top quality pair of desert boots or chukkas. I live in Finland so these would mainly serve as my spring/summer/autumn shoes. I've been to Japan twice and I'm going there again next spring. I found MOTO and instantly fell in love with their design aesthetics and I appreciate the amount of craftsmanship they put in to their products. As many other westerners, I too have big feet. In RedWing moc toes I wear a US 10,5 (with insoles - might pull off a 10 also) and my foots actual length is 28,9cm.


I contacted MOTO asking about their sizes, and they kindly (and swiftly) replied that they currently stock the Desert Boot in size 4. And they also suggested I try on the chromexel Chukka in size 3 as it runs bigger than their other models. I can't wait to get there, better start saving right now - who knows how many pairs I'll get while there!

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just read through everything. learned so much. got excited to see a thread about moto! thank you for all the information. planning a trip to japan this summer. excited to see the boots in person. those natural cxl peco style boots are incredible!

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