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Originally Posted by Kashiwa View Post

Beautiful boots. There are two shops on Rakuten that sell that boot, but one is sold out completely and the other appears to be sold out in your size. (i.e. they only have a size 3).
I can call Moto today and see if they have any in stock, if you'd like. My guess is that you would be somewhere between a 1 and 2. I can ask them how the sizing runs as well.

Awesome... really 'preciate the help Kashiwa, you're a damn good egg. What does the 25-26cm measurement designate? Length of the foot? If so I'm thinking that I'm most likely a sz 2 being that I'm a standard 9.5. Let me know what they say.
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I'll give them a call when they open today. My thought is that you could probably wear the 3 with an insole and / or thicker socks. It's possible that the 3 at this webshop is the only one still available.

Here's some babeled translation that might help with sizing. The size 3 fits the guy "just" (i.e. Japanese for the snugger side of perfect). He wears 10 in sneakers, and 9 in boots.

Staff voice
An example: I who am just wear the following with this model 3.
Please make nike 28.0cm Adidas 28.0cm New Balance 28.0cm rale moccasins 9D(27.0cm) Danner 9D(27.0cm) reference.
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Called the Moto shop, and they do have a size 2 in stock in the black. On sizing, they recommended, repeatedly, that you come into the shop and try them on. smile.gif All I could get out of them is that, because they are cordovan, they are going to run a bit larger than their other shoes and boots. Tried to call Acoustics Stylus, the online shop that has the 3, but they are off today.

If you go through MOTO, you are definitely going to need a proxy. Adamant as always that you try the shoes on first.
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Originally Posted by Kashiwa View Post

Dave SFU, I see you've owned some other engineer boots, how do the MOTO's compare?
And, if possible, can we get some pics of them on your feet?

Some fit pics.

The only other engineer boots I have are RRL Murdock engineers, and these are extremely different to those. MOTOR ones are about 2 inches taller, a lot heavier, thicker leather, tougher to break in and are sized about 1 size down. I have about a week of wear on them and they are just starting to break in and not slip as much in the heel
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Nice boots! Thanks for posting the pics. I look forward to seeing them again with a few miles on them too!

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Was surprised to see action on this thread, since I just got back from MOTOR. Thanks for the pics Dave! Boots look fantastic. Natural cxl engineers are perhaps the perfect boots for denim. And thanks for the comparison. Interesting to hear that they are thicker and tougher to break in than the RRL. The cxl on the MOTO engineers has gotta be way thicker than that of Aldens. Good to hear the sizing seems to be working better.

I stopped by MOTOR today to check out their denim. I've got a pair of Lofgren Engineers coming my way (MOTOR's being too small for me) and I'm looking for some nice wider straight leg denim to pair up with them. I particularly like their "buckle back" model, with cinch back, suspender buttons and a loose fit. I also very much like their "M" arcs. Jean is based on vintage 1933 Levi's. Denim from Okayama, and made at the same factory as Warehouse (perhaps via Warehouse, not sure bout that).

Size 34 fit great. Except for the length. Just a little short. Would work, but probably not be able to cuff. Unfortunate because I'd very much like to sport some cuffs with the engineers. For anyone interested, they also have this in a trimmer 66 cut.

Also had them swap out the stock ball and chain on the chest pocket zipper of my new leather jacket for a matching piece of deerskin with a small silver "concho" on it. All I can say is they hooked me up! And it looks great!
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Here is a (rather poor) pic of the custom piece the good folks at MOTOR made for my jacket. Sorry totally overcast today.

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Nicely done! Is the jacket one of theirs, or who? Looks like great leather, and solid workmanship around the zipper.

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Jacket is from Rainbow Country. It is very solid worksmanship. It's actually made just up the road from me in Noda from Japanese tanned horsehide from Shinki Hikaku in Himeji. Rainbow Country has no marketing whatsoever, so it has, as they say, good "cost performance". It's run by a guy who was at McCoys before their big bankruptcy breakup hullabaloo. The RCs are made at the same factory as the more expensive but very nice jackets from Freewheelers. Moto has some jackets but I think they are mostly deer or suede.
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Thanks for the info. I just found your thread about these jackets over at the Fedora Lounge -- very interesting! Do you know a place to go in the Tokyo area to see these and try them on? I'd love to take a look.

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Amerika-ya in Ueno would be closest. But I'd suggest Mushmans in Minami-Koshigaya. Fujita-san is far better to deal with. They're having a big event and bonenkai this weekend. I'm thinking of going either Fri or Sat. PM me if interested.

You can see their stock here.

Edit: Another reason to come to the event is that White Kloud will be there. Their atelier is just a block from Mushmans. Have you heard of White Kloud. Holy sweet jesus!
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Took my MOTO camel boots for a stroll through downtown Vancouver. The weather is cold, windy, and wet. I wasn't sure how they would hold up, but the cork-neo soles performed very well. And with a little drying time the boots look good.

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Who knew a pair of camels could be so hilarious?

Boots look great! And glad to hear they're holding up to the inclement weather. How are they for trekking around all day? Comfortable?
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I was skeptical about the cork-neo sole, but it's sturdy and provides good traction. They're probably not as good for snow and ice. However, I daresay I prefer them to the commando sole. If you look cloesly at the photo, you can see the toe starting to crease. The camel has softened with wear and become more flexible. I spent the day on foot and didn't have any complaints.
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