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^^ Crazy! Who knows, maybe I'll lead you there.
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^ I can't afford to go again so soon. Another pair or two, and my MOTO collection will rival my Alden collection. Wife = not thrilled (though she admits they look great).


By the way, the long chukkas are wonderful. Very comfortable from the first wearing. I treated them with Obenauf's Leather Protector before wearing them (for rain protection) and then used a horsehair brush. They responded very well, giving a soft shine. I'll try to get some photos if I can do them justice. Highly recommended, if you can find your size. I got a size 1, the same as my camel chukkas. For reference, I wear an 8.5 on the Alden Tru-balance or Barrie lasts.


Also, the new models are up on the website now, so check them out!

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I saw the new line up today.  The brogues are beefy and remind me of Tricker's.  I managed to score a pair of the brown camel boots, size 3.  The camel boots are on the way out; so I wanted to get a pair while they're still available.  A quick change at my hotel, and they were out on the streets of Tokyo for the evening.  Photos to follow once I get back state side.

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Camel boots on way out? ffffuuuu.gif
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PhiPsi, awesome pickup! The brown camel boots are sweet!

Indeed. Moto is no longer able to source the camel. They seem to have a few in store and at the warehouse, but the current inventory is the end of the line.
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I was told as much.  They were not on display.  You have to ask for them specifically.  And presumably they are limited to stock on hand as they don't plan to make any more.

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Wow. I'm glad I got my white camel chukkas, then. I really like them - light, comfortable, good in rain, cork neoprene sole, solid construction and the camel looks great.

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It was a tough choice.  I liked the white camel boot (didn't see any chukkas unfortunately).  But I opted for the brown as it is a better fit overall for my wardrobe. Again, the brogue wingtips look really good too.  They are worth checking out in person if you have the opportunity.

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You're right! Wonder if they're out of the chukkas now.

Also, some solid new velour boots at Motor. Phi Psi also tried these on at Motor. Some bad ass boots!

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^^^ Yes, indeed.  I got a chance to see a pair of these that were worn by one of the owners during a cross country bike ride.  It's very interesting to see and lay hands on the before and after boots.  The leather starts out very stiff, but the well worn boots are incredibly supple.  It was a difficult choice between the MOTO camel boots and the offerings at MOTOR.  I need to find a second and a third job so I can save enough money to go back.

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Yep. These natty cxl boots were worn by the patriarch of the Motoike family on his ride from New York to Sturgis and on to the west coast.

Should mention also that the Motor boots run large. The 9.5 (largest size) fit Phi Psi and I believe he is a 11-11.5.
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Don't remind me.  I should have sold a kidney while I was there and gotten the whole set  .  .  .

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MOTO brown camel boots in waning light








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Awesome. The last shot is the money shot. Great grain on the camel!
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^^^ Thank you, sir!

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