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I have been seeing advertisements for the WaterPik, and was wondering if anybody has it and what their thoughts are on it...Was at the local Walgreens tonight and saw it was 35 dollars, was close to buying it but wanted to get some opinions on it first. Thanks guys.
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Waterpik is one of our clients so I got a showerhead and a massager free of charge. Both work great, but I have not tried their filtration system, as I use Brita.
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If you really want one, go to your local thrift store or garage sale and pick one up for like $4. Get new attachments (obviously) and try it out. In my opinion it's not that interesting and I think (though I'm not sure) a dentist would tell you it's not as effective as flossing, and it's just one more thing to clutter up your bathroom counter. On an odd note, I found a site that sells attachments for these for use in 'flushing the sinuses and nasal cavity'. Sounds like something a snake oil salesman would have at an old circus or something... don't ask how I got to that page.
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