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How are Burberry watches?

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Looking to buy a watch or two in the $300-500 range. Of course I know it wont be anything spectacular, but I like the design of it. Any experiences with this particular brand? From my understanding Fossil makes them?

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Nothing to write home about. Average fashion brand watch.
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They're made by Fossil. Avoid.

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Made by Fossil and have quartz (battery) movements and mineral crystal for the most part. Without the Burberry name I say they would retail for $100.


For watch snobs like myself quartz is usually a deal-breaker but for the average guy it will be cheaper to replace a battery than to service a movement and you have more accurate time keeping and never have to worry about it "dying" if you take it off for a few days.


If you want a simple fashion watch than go for it. It's overpriced but hey, what isnt?


If you want to get into watches start looking at Hamilton or Stowa for a good quality and good price point~!

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If you're going to spend money on a branded watch, at least let it be a brand that is known for making watches. Burberry makes raincoats.
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Mzhammer's post is the only worthwhile one in this thread. If you like the style of the watch, then it is good enough. They use Swiss quartz movement which means if you never drop it or give it any major hits it can last you 10-15 years with battery changes every couple. The quality is nothing better than a high grade fossil or anything different than a battery powered citizen or bulova.

If you like the way it looks, go for it. I wear a rolex, and would never go back to a battery operated watch - but I LOVE watches and don't mind spending a lot on mine... All these loud voices talking down on quartz watches? They are in a minority of maybe 5% of men who give a shit about the difference between an automatic an battery operated watch. Don't let watch snobs tell you it's garbage, everything is relative.
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thanks for the input. But whats so bad about it being made by Fossil?

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Originally Posted by Bexcellence View Post

thanks for the input. But whats so bad about it being made by Fossil?


IMO There's nothing inherently bad about it but there's nothing good about it. Think of it as having a Zegna labeled suit made by the Gap. Gap quality is ok for what you pay however at the Zegna price point it would be inflated and, I would venture to guess, most people would feel that brands perceived as luxury shouldn't outsource production to lower quality vendors. Zegna outsources their watch production to Girard Perregaux, a highly regarded horological company because they want to keep all of their products of equally high quality.


Fossil makes price point watches with inexpensive materials. For the Burberry models they are nicer than your standard Fossil and likely use ETA quartz movements (or maybe some Japanese variant).


But really the only thing you should worry about is if you are happy wearing it. If you like the price and the style and it works for you then don't worry about all the fluff!

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Wow, didn't know it was produced by Fossil. Thanks for the head's up. Looks like I'll be considering a Sea-Gull instead...

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To be rather honest, I've have a couple in my collection that are nice. Although made by Fossil their quality is not all that bad. They are among the top tier of 'fashion watches'. My Emporio Armani has worked just as well and is realistically priced compared to Burberry. They aren't well appreciated by most serious collectors and are just there for fashion statements. For the price point, Hamilton (if found discounted), Tissot, Seiko, Citizen and finally Movado are better quality. But they have nice designs and look well, just my 2 cents.

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