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I need to gripe a bit about Howard Yount, I thought the pants were nice, but the customer service is on the horrible side.  I ordered on a Friday, hoping they would be sent out by Monday, received the confirmation email Wednesday, and received the pants by Friday, stated 3-6 days on the website but close enough.  The size was slightly too small so I immediately sent them back and he had them by Monday, I didn't hear anything back from him till Thursday.  So I placed another order on the same day, they went out Friday, I received the pants but I was mailed a black pair of regular cut pants when I ordered slim navy pants, and unfortunately he doesn't cover shipping costs.  So if your looking for a company with decent customer service, you will be disappointed.  .

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Is it safe to order from HowardYount nowadays  ?


Been eyeing some of the stuff from his web site.


Haven't read of anyone purchasing anything in 2016 (other than the post above), this makes me nervous.

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I'd also be interested in more recent feedback.

Note to any online trouser/slacks vendors reading this post: it would be great if the user could filter the pants by things like rise, thigh measurement, knee measurement, leg opening, etc. 

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ok YOLO, I am going to order 2 pairs of pants, and report back, everyone says these are one of the best wool pants in the range 175-200 dlls, I am going to take the risk, I just need to decide what color for the 2nd pair, will keep you guys posted.

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My pants have been shipped, so, they are on their way, will report when I get them, so far everything is good.

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My 2 pairs of pants arrived !!


Best pants I have ever owned, period.


Will I order from him again ? heck yeah ! I will


I did not find any defects on the pants, like holes, lose threads, uneven back pockets or stuff like that.


I am not posting pictures for 2 reasons:  my cellphone camera is extremely bad, super blurry pictures, and I will tailor them as I am a perfection freak when it comes to clothes.


As far as customer service goes, I did not need to contact him at all, so I cannot say much on this.


Overall, I would recommend ordering from howard yount, great value.


Thanks !

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