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Incotex vs Howard Yount vs Epaulet

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Hi guys,

Long time lurker here getting ready to start building a wardrobe for a new job (finally finishing up medical residency this summer!). I need to add to my collection of dress pants and need some recommendations. I really trust this board's opinion. I recently bought a pair of incotex on the B/S forum and they are great. However, finding them on ebay or B/S in stable color and in my size (32-33) is difficult. How is quality and fit of HY and Epaulet compared to incotex? HY vs Epaulet? Basically, I am trying to decide whether I should just wait and "collect" incotex pants as they come up or order form HY or Epaulet. I am 6"2' 165 lbs and tend to like a relatively slim but comfortable fit.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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Since you're in NY head down to Epaulet and try some for yourself.

I own exclusively Howard Yount and Epaulet, so cannot comment on fit vs Incotex, but my build is similar to yours and I am very happy with all my EP Walts in size 32 or 33. HY and EP are actually quite similar with respect to fit and quality, both being excellent. With respect to slimness, I find Yount trousers fall somewhere between a Walt and Rudy. Overall I give the edge to Epaulet for 1) selection 2) local NY stores and 3) amazing customer service here on the boards and in store.
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Jamison at HY offers fantastic service and is located in NY. Why don't you try pants from each brand and see which you prefer? A third option, more expensive than HY and Epaulet but less expensive than Incotex at retail, would be Panta.

Waiting for Incotex at a decent price can be slow.
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thanks for the advice. I will check out the epaulet store. Does Howard Yount have a shop in NYC?
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Originally Posted by iatrogenic View Post

thanks for the advice. I will check out the epaulet store. Does Howard Yount have a shop in NYC?

HY is primarily web-based at the moment, but Jamison (the proprieter, and long-time SF member) is opening a showroom. I'm not sure quite when that will happen, however, but I know that it is in the works.

From memory, he has said that people who are interested in trying stuff on who are in NYC can send him a message via the forum so as to arrange a suitable time to meet up to try things on. Jamison's username is chorse123.
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Have all three. You can't go wrong with any of them but my preference is
Epaulet, incotex Howard Yount.
Mike and Adele at Epaulet are great people and on top of great products, I just like doing business with them. Nothing against the owner of Howard Yount, from what I've heard, he's a pretty decent fellow.
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Good taste! You've obviously been paying valuable attention to people on these boards. I own all three and here is my breakdown:

1) Epaulet is best overall, great fabrics and construction. Others would charge twice as much for the same quality.
2) HY has great tropical wools in staple colors. My go to when too hot for EP
3) Inco is great too, but I don't think it is worth the jump to retail prices (unless you are an heir or tycoon or have some discount). Staple colors can be slow coming on the 'bay and B&S, so I only have them in FU colors like purple and bright yellow
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How would you rank quality of the cotton trousers?
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The only thing stopping me from buying Epaulet pants is the 12.5" rise. As a shorter guy (5'8"), it's a bit much. I would like to see what they look like on a model who isn't over six feet tall.
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That 12.5" rise is measured unlike any other rise I've seen measured. I don't even know how they get it. It's closer to 10"
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I don't want to jump on your thread here, but do you not consider Unis' Chino to compare to these three brands?
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^"i don't want to...." then does. lol I love those. You should look at Panta's as well.
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Can someone explain the out of stock situation with Howrad Yount?  How long is the weight if you put in an order? 


Also, anyone purchase/own the super 120 flannel trouser?

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