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Since it's my personal and non-commercial project, I'll post a link in this section, I am sorry in advance if someone feels it's unpropriate, it's not my intention to offend anybody.

I'd like to show you Free Perfume Giveaway, a one of a king blog where you can get samples, sample decants, decants and miniatures of mass market, niche, vintage and discontinued perfumes and colognes. 

Each day there will be new presents that you can get for free. You'll need just a minute a day to check what's available and to post a comment to all gifts that you would like to receive. You can write anything in comment, eg. "I'm in", or "me, please". In next step we will check all comments (to verify them) and draw winners.

Shipping of prizes is free worldwide (registered priority mail), so everyone is welcomed to join. I invite you to Free Perfume Giveaway, let's have some fun together. It's "for passionates by passionates", hope you'll enjoy the idea.