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Creed Aventus Split

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We have filled one entire flacon and those orders are being shipped out as we speak. We have found some interest for a second and attempting to fill it currently. If interested please post including the amount you want to purchase.

I've been contacted and informed there is some interest in another Creed Aventus split. All decants come in glass containers. 2mL is in a glass vial while 5ml+ are glass atomizers.

It looks like we're going to have enough interest but amount desired varies.

Here is the pricing breakdown which includes US shipping, glass atomizer, and all shipping supplies etc.

$26 5ml
$33 10ml
$64 30ml
$109 60ml
$200 120ml

Now if we can get enough interest to split a 500mL bottle then prices would be

$23 5ml
$28 10ml
$49 30ml
$80 60ml
$143 120ml

Also an aside I currently have Creed Green Irish Tweed on hand if anyone is interested in decants of that. Prices would be same as the split prices for Aventus.
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Mostly likely in for 5ml or more but if nothing else I'll buy a 2ml.
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If its close to the cost of the last Aventus split you did (I think it was $115 for 60ml?) I am in for 60ml.
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^ +1
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Ok so it looks like we have 122mL accounted for. The price will be about the same, unless we can get a lot of interest. if we can really get some interest in this we can go for the 500mL flacon which would drop the price even more. At the minimum we need to account for 220mL or so.
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Did you message those two guys in the Scent/Frag thread of this thread as well?
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Will do now
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I would be interested in a 30-50ml split as well. Are you planning to update your op with prices?
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Originally Posted by loveswatching View Post

I would be interested in a 30-50ml split as well. Are you planning to update your op with prices?

Prices posted.
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Are you doing any other splits? I'm down for 60ml of Aventus, would be nice to combine for shipping if you're doing others though
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Didn't know the prices would be that good. In for 30ml and if you get the larger bottle I'll take a 60ml.
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Will you send us a pm if this split happens? I don't check this thread very often so I might forget.
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Originally Posted by CologneReview View Post

Prices posted.
I will take 30ml for sure if you get the flacon.
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I'd be in for 60 mL

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Looks like we're in for 300 ml so far. 200 more to go, lets do it!
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