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Igor Semonov

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New to the forum. I am graduating law school and am in the market for a briefcase. I've seen some listings for some Igor Semonov bags both here and on Their website appears to be inactive, though. Any idea where these bags can be purchased online? I don't even know what their price point is. If not, any other brands?



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Welcome to Styleforum Booster.
What is your budget? Where are you located?
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Thank you. I'm located in Cleveland, Ohio. I haven't given much thought to budget. My mom wants to buy me a briefcase for graduation. I suspect she'd spend between $500-1000. I realize that's not much for higher end bags. I may have to make due until I get my first bonus. 

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I have a few bags from Igor . He's a great professional.
His work can be found here :
I think he will answer you if you send him a PM
I am sure that your budget is absolutely real .
Good luck ! smile.gif
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This is the one I'm interested in. Anyone know what this would run me? Whether it's even available? Does it come with a removable shoulder strap?

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Actual sale June 7-July 7 2014
If you are interesting send me a message.
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