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Classic styling

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Hey, I posted a question like this on the old site with a mixed reaction. I love 50's style, like L.A Confidential and Ocean's 11 for suits, and the 50's style shirts with a spread collar and jeans or some chinos or slacks. I would like to know where I can find vintage-y looking stuff. I already look at second hand stores but there is usually a limited selection of stuff that fits me, since I'm sort of tall. I've heard that Club Monaco makes some hip stuff. How are their prices? I'm a cheap, poor college student who doesn't want to look like a bum. I know Swingers came out 7 years ago and all that jazz, so I don't need a lecture on how I'm not going to bring the style back. I'm not trying to. It's just the style I like. I'd apreciate any help I could get.
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The look you are going for is cigarette style pants with an untucked french cuff shirt (leave the cuffs undone or just button the inner cuff, tre cool). As I stated before on the other board, Club Monacco does make some nice shirts in this style. I just bought one for $80 give or take. You may also want to try Sisley or Bennaton. If you are in NYC, you should also stop by Zara. Great clothes.
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I posted this on the other site, but I'll put it here as well for anyone who didn't see. I have some great 50's retro camp shirts from Ben Sherman. They have fun details like top stitching on the breast pocket and (I don't know what to call them) cuff-like things on the sleeves. They also have a placket covering the buttons down the front, so they look buttonless (is that the term?) They are nice fabric, and reasonably priced - about $60 each. I found them at the Jennifer Croll boutique here in Scottsdale and I believe she also has a store in San Francisco. I'm sure other places carry them as well. Bradford
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