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Manchester Weathercoat Company / Traditional Rainwear Limited

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Does anyone know about this company and their house trenchcoats?  I searched the SF archives but bizarrely there is no reference to them anywhere.  Perhaps the picture on their home page puts people off...



Seems like they have something to do with Burberry and Aquascutum.  Keen to know more, though!
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nobody knows...

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The coats are definitely well-made. However, the service is appalling. While the delivery was prompt, they actually sent me a long fit coat instead of the regular I had ordered (or the measures on their website are off), and when I returned it, they had the nerve to not make the refund to my credit card, but send me a cheque in pounds to a euro country.

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Yeah judging by the website, customer relations isn't their strong suit.  Did you get the coat you wanted in the end?


How is/was it cut?  Not too voluminous?

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Glad to hear this company is legit. I ordered a trenchcoat on the 6 August, the money was taken out of my account on the 8 Aug, but apart from that I have recieved no confirmation of my order or an expected delivery date. I've emailed them twice but heard nothing to date. No phone number on their website either so no way of contactng them directly. Very frustrating!
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A simple websearch of their address gave me this with a number:
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Tried that number but unless theres a code you need to put in front, it doesnt exist. Sent another email yesterday which has been delivered but hasnt been read yet (10.40am) today!!! Will send a letter to the address next and if i still dont get a response i suppose i'll have to get in touch with trading standards. Would strongly advise against anyone else buying from this company based on my experience so far. Very unprofessional and beginning to wonder if i've been conned out of £252.
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It was a public holiday here in the UK yesterday, so they may still be catching up.


That number's definitely not a Manchester number.  The correct number is 0161 736 4450, so drop the zero and add 44 at the front for the UK.  The company name is Sweeney's Outerwear, I just dialled and they answered.



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Thanks I'll give it a go. Why they can't just put a contact number on their website baffles me!!
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Did you get the coat or the refund at the end, or none at all. I paid for a trench coat 1 and half weeks ago, haven't "heard" anything yet.

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Yes we did get the coat and it is really good quality.  I manage to contact the company after a long search for a telephone number and was told my coat would be dispatched the next day, which it was.  I have to say though that I'm not sure I would have got the coat unless I'd telephoned - they sounded really disorganised.  Might be worth giving them a call to remind them you're waiting.


Good luck.

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Thanks for your information mate. it is really saved a lot of my worries. 

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The site has been down for a couple of days now. Anyone know what's going on with the company? Was looking to order my trench from them.

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Sorry for the bump but I actually ordered a Coat, which I received but had to exchange.

So I had a phone call last week and they said its dispatching on Friday. Today (7 days later) I havent received anything. Now their site is down and nobody picked up the phone today either.

Does anyone know whats up or has another phone number perhaps?
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