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Preparing lies for when I win the lottery or obtain lot's of money somehow.

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I sometimes worry about how I will live my life after I stumble into a good chunk of wealth (lottery, settlement after a beating/pepper spray from cops, eating a jagged metal Krusty-O etc) The minimum I am talking about is 15 million USD.

No, I don't worry about how I will enjoy myself and on what I will spend my money on, but rather I worry about what lies I will tell people about how I can afford to be a layabout with such great cars and great beach houses and great clothes.

I ask what lies can I come up with to explain my wealth and yet not seem like some lame-o?

I don't want to be a nerd who sells some bullshit start up, because that is not the persona I want.

I have narrowed it down to these, and I wonder what you guys think about them? Can you help me add some more? what would you do?

Inheritance: I know, the risks of being perceived as a douche are extremely likely, but I am a sucker for tradition, and inheriting wealth strikes me as one of the most time honored ways of obtaining wealth. If I play my cards right and associate with the right people and circles, I just may overcome any downsides--thought this will take some finesse and work.

Pros: I have instant cachet as a wastrel, man of leisure, dandy, fop.
Cons: The banal attacks against people who inherit wealth

Real Estate Magnate: Another traditional means of wealth. Real estate seems like something vague enough so that I can spout some bullshit on without really giving away that I am full of it or I can do my homework and actually sound believable.

Pros: Respectable method of acquiring wealth and yet still affords me some coolness factor (so long as I avoid the Donald Trump persona)
Cons: Possibly too "corporate" in some people's eyes; potential accusations of evil baron type; not hip enough.

Oil Tycoon:
Pros: This is actually very flexible, although it doesn't seem this way. I don't have to be a texas oil man, just someone who dealt with the oil industry, possibly involving the industrial aspect, but always concentrating on oil.
Cons: Possibly negates the possibly of boning hippie chicks and the like; open to attacks from environmentalists.

Wealthy Industrialist:
Pros: Another time honored traditional way of acquiring wealth; very flexible: I can make money from selling some tiny part for the iphone or some shit, or I can say I made money from making windshields etc. I can boast as manufacturing in America.
Cons: Could easily be sniffed out if someone cared to; possibly open to environmentalist attacks and Occupy Wall street like movements; because I don't live in China or operate out of China, this may not be believable in this age.

What would you guys do?
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guy from nigeria sent me money for helping him out
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This is serious.

How would you explain a sudden influx of money; that is, if you are going to chose to lie.

Most people give little thought to this and up living a cloistered life after they obtain their new money completely clueless about how they are going to develop a new persona, which is necessary unless you want to be just some turd who slipped and fell to his new money.
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seriously? I'm at an age where I don't give a shit and would probably tell people that yeah, I won the lottery and it sucks to be you, and I'd probably put a big big chunk of it in financial instruments or savings or bonds, after paying off all debts and getting sick of spending it on stuff. what I'd probably be wary of is the sudden influx of family, friends and psuedo-family and friends that will come out of the woodwork asking for a loan or worst just asking for money to help them out. I remember reading back about whenever manny pacquiao's back in his home, there'd be long lines day and night full of people who would ask for his help.
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The easiest excuse is to say that you made your money on the stock market or on some 'investments'. It is such a broad statement if you don't give an inch of additional information and it is far more plausible than your other bullshit. Also says you must be a smart guy to have done that.
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You could go even further, as I do, and say that you have a diversified portfolio of lottery tickets. That way, when one of them pays off, nobody will be surprised.
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There is nothing more pathetic than new money.
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Keep it mysterious. Tell them you made your money playing professional hopscotch or refilling disposable lighters.
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fake your death and carefully construct new identity
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

fake your death and carefully construct new identity

fake your death by getting a homeless person to drive a porsche off a cliff. make sure everyone is watching
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People would not be able to get in touch with me to ask....
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I must think about things in a different way to you.

I inherited my money, and sometimes feel like a lame-o admitting to people that that's the reason I rarely have to work yet own a London apartment and 8-bedroom country house, and go on 3 or 4 holidays abroad a year.

For a while I did think about telling people I was a teenage internet wizzkid or something and retired at 21 on the money I made from selling my company to Google.

But I realised that the people close you you are always going to know, or find out, the truth eventually, and I'd rather be seen by those people as someone "comfortable in my own skin" (even if it's slightly lame-o skin) than someone with a need to lie about his background (a bit insecure?) 


I'm not particularly proud of having inherited my money - I'm not ashamed of it either, but I know I didn't actually earn it myself, and I don't feel any great sort of pride in the accomplishments of previous generations of my family (they weren't me - and from what I know about them they probably weren't particularly nice people, and almost certainly wouldn't have thought very highly of me and the way I live my life!)

Mainly I just feel thankful to them that because of their achievements me and my brothers and sisters don't have to spend our lives slogging away at the 9-5 grind that most people jokingly refer to as their "life".

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I made my millions by charging admission to Occupy Wall Street protests.

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