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For Sale:
Allen Edmonds Players Shoe - Walnut Calf - 10D

Will Ship To: Anywhere

(stock photo)

hi everyone,
i bought these in December on sale at nordstrom for $221 + tax ($240 total) but they are getting close to zero use because they're a bit wide (and long) on me. i've worn them about 2 or 3 times to work (i have a desk job) so they haven't seen much use. they are the current model, being sold at for $325 + tax:

please note: these are calf, not suede. i've only ever seen walnut calf at nordstrom, so i'm not sure if it's a makeup that is exclusive to them.

i will post pics later tonight.

$200 + shipping from northern california. i won't really go much lower than that, since i can always return them to nordstrom for a full refund, but i kind of want to avoid that since that would probably mean the SA would lose his commission.
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