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Shaving the netherlands?

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OK, here's the deal. I'm 18 years old. I've got a date with a girl from my university on Friday night. She's got her own apartment on campus, and I'm going to drive her back at the end of the night. She's expressed to me, in so many words, that she wishes to (at the least) hook me up with a b/j. She has also expressed to me that she hates a guy with a "jungle down there". Problem: I've got what could be considered pretty close to a jungle "down there". What should I do, guys? I really don't like the idea of shaving my bush off, and going completely school-boy bald. Should I trim it? If so, how short, and should I shave anywhere around the actual bush? No girls have minded before. Or at least they didn't say anything. I know you guys have been there. Hook a young'n up with some advice.
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Trim with scissors.  Make it shorter, but not short per se.  And then use a hairbrush to remove any loose hairs.  This may seem a bit explicit, but it's effective.  Unless you are trying to be kinky, the goal is not to look like a plucked chicken, but to just look neatened up a bit.  Remember, you can always trim more off, so go slow, and stop early.
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She's expressed to me, in so many words, that she wishes to (at the least) hook me up with a b/j.
Christ, why are you waiting until Friday?
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What should I do, guys?  I really don't like the idea of shaving my bush off, and going completely school-boy bald.  Should I trim it?  If so, how short, and should I shave anywhere around the actual bush?  No girls have minded before.  Or at least they didn't say anything. .
Man up and just Bic it all. Seriously though, its not that bad. Once you shave it all, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
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No, no, just trim it with scissors, don't shave it. Nice and trim. That's all she's asking for, so, uh, give it to her...
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I would shave it completely. Just be very careful and very meticulous in your job. As mentioned, first begin by trimming with your scissors. This will cut out all the long stuff so you can get down to the lower "grass". When I shaved, I was a bit nervous at first, especially at the thought of cutting my testicles with the razor. However, I used plenty of water, soap, and cream, and the razor moved over them like a hand over a Loro Piana cashmere sweater. Just be careful.
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Apologies in advance...I don't mean to preach.  But I do have something to say.  I really hope this doesn't come across as me judging any of you as such, as though I think I'm holier than thou, etc...but I'll get on with it. I just think that one should think carefully before becoming sexually active.  These days there are all kinds of venereal disesases going around.  HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.  Many, many people have herpes.  Especially vulnerable to transmittable diseases are those who don't use condoms, assuming that their partner(if female) is on the pill.  Using a condom does not guarantee 100% disease prevention, even if the condom stays intact/does not break.  Oral sex is no different. There is always the possibility of pregnancy, which for college students could be at an especially inopportune time.  These days people often have multiple sexual partners, sometimes at the same time, sometimes over time. I say none of this based on religion - I am actually agnostic.  I don't completely believe in marriage as done by the Church, as I have seen a number of bad marriages(many good ones also), and some of the happier couples I know are not legally married.  Having many hookups does not often reult in long-term happiness.  I have a number of older friends who used to be playboys but eventually settled down, got married and had kids, and they are happier now than ever before.  Before, they would actually sometimes worry about STDs, whether their current girlfriend would find out about their old girlfriends, etc...
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Not to ask for any details but.... Did you get some? Bradford
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Yeah. I went over the bush with an electric razor on one of the settings. It left fuzz, but got rid of the jungle. While I was at it, I did the treasure trail and the chest, as well as the legs. The girl loved it, and I screwed her in almost every room in the apartment.
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Was it a studio apartment?
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Next time, shave her.
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Was it a studio apartment?  
Rofl.. Congrats, I suppose.
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So whats the best way to shave it all off down there? Blade cant be the best, can it? Do they make home waxing kits?
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I am a 26 year old female and just want to give you my perspective on this topic...take it for what it's's just my opinion: Your university girl doesn't want you to shave it all off. By avoiding a jungle I'm confident in saying that she just wants you to be "groomed". A bald head only looks good on some parts of the body.... My suggestion would be the *trim* closely with scissors (have you seen American Wedding?) and leave it at that. Good luck.
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