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60th Birthday Dinner in NYC

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My father turns 60 on Saturday October 13th. My family of 4 would like to go to dinner in NYC, after taking a car from CT.

So far we are considering Per Se, Eleven Madison park, and Le Bernadin. (My parents have been to Le Bernadin about 10 years ago).

Does anyone have any feedback for a special occasion dinner ? Should we consider anything else.

How hard will getting a reservation be?

My parents also have a large format bottle of 1980 Chateau Margaux. We were thinking of bringing it with, but not sure if it would work with the menu, or the bumpy ride into the city.
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Those are all good options. All three have been debated endlessly on this board, I would suggest doing some reading to help you with the decision.

As far as reservations go, you wont have a problem. Call whichever restaurant you decide on, find out how far in advance they will take reservations - usually it is two months at the high-end restaurants and when their reservation line opens. Call that day right when the line opens and you will be fine.
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Those are the three I would choose from for that kind of event. EMP and Per Se will require you to call for reservations pretty much the moment the phone lines open (they do a month in advance, i believe to the calendar day, but you should certainly check for yourself). Le Bernardin is a bit easier, though if you want a prime time reservation, you will have to call when the books open (they do something a bit different, but I don't remember what). At either EMP or Per Se, you could give them advance warning about the bottle you are bringing and I have a hunch they would find a way to make it work with some of their offerings.

If you wanted something a bit funkier, you might consider Corton, which has been rocking out recently, but I would stick with the three you listed for the old folks.
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