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I thought for sure Sr. Corbera would've posted the Proclaimers' song..confused.gif

* Dickensian it is, unless there is something about Emily DIckinson we don't know
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If you had not got 753 posts I would have said 'troll'. A double sole will last no longer than a single sole: Double does not refer to longer life rather a stiffer shoe. Seems a rather odd and indeed unnecessary question.

Yeah this was not a troll thread. I learned something new however; I had no idea that double sole did not somehow signify a longer life than single sole. After doing some research I've discerned that double is also more comfortable and better for walking. I'm just curious how long one can expect before a resole, and it's surprising that the search function didn't give me any information. THat said, I understand that most people can't answer this question, and won't get the reason for it, but it makes sense to me, and I'll stop bumping this thread after this, but still, if anybody could help that would be much appreciated. Anyway, thanks.
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I'm curious about this as well. Surely we can at least get some kind of estimate. Assuming a fair amount of walking on city streets, and not just pampered life on office carpet, it must be more than 50 miles but less than 500? That's a start at least.


If you consider the cost of resoling, then you could calculate a cost per mile. Considering that some of the factory reconditioning programs such as Edward Green can cost over $200 including shipping back and forth, the cost per mile could be around $1/mile.


With this number in mind, this could impact one's decision to, for example, either walk two miles or take a taxi. Given the $2 savings in shoe resoling, that makes the taxi a bit more attractive. If you have four people, each wearing leather-soled shoes, that's $8 which I think in some cities would equal the cost of a two-mile ride in a taxi.


Of course there are many other factors when deciding to take a taxi or not, and this kind of thinking of parsimonious thinking is probably irrelevant to the wearer of expensive shoes, but considering the levels of OCD found on this forum, it may be enlightening for some.

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Provided there are no defects in the leather and the person doesn't drag their feet whilst they walk, I would wager 1,000 miles. If Wolverine can make this claim for a rubber sole, then I see no reason why a double layered quality leather sole can't do the same.
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