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Constant 5 o'clock shadow?

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I want to know what's the best way to achieve a constant 5 o'clock shadow. Not only do I like the look, but I'm twenty-one years old, and my skin's still prone to both breakouts and razor burn/ingrowns on my neck. I use a mach 3 razor with the Neutrogena skin clearing shave cream. I've tried a Norelco beard/mustache trimmer on the lowest setting, but that's still a bit long for my taste, I want the 20-24 hours after shaving look (I shave every other day, to every three days). Are there any razors that don't actually lift the hair and cut it below the skin level? Something that'd leave a little bit of hair, but not as much as an electric trimmer?
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I was going to suggest using a shaver on the lowest setting, but apparently that doesn't work. You could try finding an electric shaver with several settings and keep it on not quite the lowest setting -- but low enough to not quite get a clean shave.
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I've never tried this, but maybe if you use the trimmer of an electric shaver (or a beard trimmer with the adjustment cap removed) and lightly pass over your face and go WITH the grain, you may get the desired effect. Proceed at your own risk..
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I've done that accidentally, and it does leave a little shadow. Also, what about that new electric razor (I can't remember the brand) that has the little dial to choose your "comfort level"?
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Thanks for the suggestion TimelessRider. I completely removed the guard on my Norelco trimmer, and just took my time. It gave me the desired effect.
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I'd also suggest using a beard trimmer at the lowest setting. That's what I used to do. Can't figure any other way to get the desired effect. I'd figure using the edge trimmer on the electric razor could get tiring, but definitely a way to go.
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