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New York City stores?

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I'll be visiting NYC withing a couple of weeks. After browsing various threads in the forum I've come up with a list of the stores I plan to visit.
Please add to it, if you have any suggestions of what not to miss while in the city (in or around the Manhattan area).

Bergdorf Goodman
Luigi Borrelli
Barker Black
Ralph Lauren
Domenico Vacca
Saks 5th avenue
Brooks Brothers
Crocket and Jones

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Century 21.
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Paul Smith
Paul Stuart
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I would cut out Brooks Brothers. The store is nice but the stock is the same as any other. Based on your list of stores, it doesn't look like you are on a budget. In which case, skip Uniqlo and Century 21. If you are going down to the financial district, you may want to check out Century 21 anyway but I hated the crowds.

Barney's is a nice store.
Also on 5th ave, Ferragamo and Zegna among a ton of other higher end tier stores. I think Hermes is there as well.

If you walk down Madison and back up 5th, you will see a ton. Leffot is down near the village, there isn't much around it but it is worth checking out if you can. The store's selection is small but nice.
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Maybe check out John Lobb?
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Century 21

Paul Stuart


I would think you're better off seeing J Press over Brooks Brothers since the Brooks Brothers is probably the same as the one near where you live.

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Oxxford is just around the corner from Bergdorf Goodman. I was in NYC recently, and I'm kicking myself for not going to Epaulet and getting sized for some Carminas in person. facepalm.gif
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I don't think the Santoni store is still around in NYC
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Generally speaking, just walk on Madison Av., you'll find all the good places there

(TF, Hermes, John Lobb, Loro Piana).  

Go to Saks, only if you have visited all the other places you wanted, I wasn't impressed at all. 



Just a note, that John Lobb is much more cheaper in Europe, well at least in the UK and France.


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Originally Posted by theyare View Post

I don't think the Santoni store is still around in NYC


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Originally Posted by ter1413 View Post

Paul Smith
Paul Stuart


An absolute must see - it is one of the most beautiful stores I've ever been in, that and Patrick Hellmann in Berlin.

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While on Madison also visit:


Loro Piana

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Thank's alot for your input:)
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