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FOUND: Saphir in London

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Chelsea Green Cobbler at 31 Elystan Street.

He stocks regular Avel cream, and the Medaille D'or wax, cream, renovateur, etc. He has a pretty extensive selection of various brands of polish, cleaners, and brushes. Apparently the biggest selection of shoe care products in London.

My sis uses him for her shoe repairs and swears he is good but as a woman she is basically dumb when it comes to shoe repair.

Googled for address and came across his twitter if you're interested (I'm not)

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Thread Starter!/ChelseaGCobbler
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Thanks for posting Brokentelephone.

Surprised there hasn't been more of a response to this. Just passed by the shop. There's a fair range of MdO creams, waxes + renovator. All in the new flat glass jars. No Renomat though, and I didn't see any brushes or other Saphir hardware. Also, no Saphir suede care products (yet).

In a couple of months I'll bump this thread again. Best news I've heard since the opening of the Alien Abduction Phone Helpline:

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So much useful info in this one thread! Thanks brokentelephone and thanks Lear!
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I get my shoes resoled here if I don't send them back to the manufacturers.

Pretty good for £53. He also sells nice cedar shoe trees for £22.50
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I actually forgot to mention there is another place just off Gloucester Road called Jimmys which sells some misc Saphir stuff, notably the suede spray.

He also uses Rendenbach soles for mens shoe repairs -- he's a really nice guy and comes recommended by Hornets staff (though not sure they're as reputable with shoes as they are clothes -- I've seen some pretty crappy shoes there being sold alongside their great suits).
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Could you please give the exact location of this Jimmys place? I went up and down Gloucester rd looking for it and couldnt find It. Do you know if he sells medaille dor creams?
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He's not right on Gloucester Road. Just a few shops in on Victoria Grove (left off Gloucester Road if you're heading north to the park).

Chelsea Green also stocks Fiebings dyes, collolin cremes, woly and a generally poor attitude.
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