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Hey all, thanks for popping in here. I bought my first suit last year during a BB semi-annual sale. Paid about $600 after all the tailoring and everything for a Navy Blue 1818 Fitzgerald. It's awesome and has served me very well so far. Looking to expand the collection with another staple before I move to crazier stuff. This time a gray/charcoal. Looking at Indochino as an option.

So, feel free to offer any comments you'd like, and I also have three specific questions:

1) What do you think of these two? or
2) How will the quality of these suits compare to my 1818 Fitzgerald from Brooks Brothers? Don't know much other than it's maybe super 110's or 120s which from what I can tell doesn't mean that much really, but it's a start. If you're familiar with 1818 Brooks Brothers, then yeah, that's it.
3) Are there any other places I should consider? $750 is my absolute limit all-in.

Really do appreciate it. I am enjoying this process of becoming sophisticated haha.