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Hair products

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Here goes: Why do you use hair products? Any hair products: tonics, moisturizers, gel, wax, pomade, etc... My reasons are simple: 1) my hair is very think and tends to "poof" when dried without product and has flyaways all over the place. I use pomade or gel to reduce this. 2) it darkens my hair a shade, a desired effect. 3) it keeps the style that I want thoughout the day. What are your reasons for your use of various products? Also: do you consider coloring your hair subtly to be vain? For example, brown hair to black; darker hair with subtle lo-lights or high-lights in summer? You see, I am trying to convice my father (who is a little old-fasioned) that a line of hair products could enhance almost anyone's look and that their use is widspread through most of the civilized world and not used by a minority of vain people. (as he is convinced) Any pro-products arguments would be greatly appreciated. Tnx P.S. Perhaps you could include your age so that he can't argue that all people who are hair products users are immature and probably under 20. Just trying to cover my bases; I want to win this one.
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I recommend Kiehl's Creme With Silk Groom. Just a "dab will do ya". Non-greasy, keeps hair soft and managed. Natural shine.
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Think topic works better here.
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I use a paste, specifically Aveda Control Paste because it gives my hair a layered, texturized look. I normally don't like Aveda products because I can't stand the smell. But I broke down and bought this product after endless searches (I think i've tried just about every hair line out there) and am happy with the look it gives.
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I think that chick in "Something About Amy" had good success with an "all natural" product...
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Thanks for your replies, but I wanted to point out that I've been using gel for years now... and though I appreciate your suggestions of different products, I was looking more for your point of view as to why you use products in the first place; what is your motivation... because, as I said in my first post, a long-standing argument with my father is that he thinks that only a minority of very vain men, or immature men under 20, use hair products of any kind. (Which is an insult to me and to most of the world, as I do not consider myself "vain"... a little picky about my looks, maybe, but not vain ;-) ) So I was looking more for your reasoning for using products, how they fit into your lifestyle, etc, so that I can form a well-rounded argument to prove to my good 'ol dad that hair products are not used only by vain, immature men, but in fact by classy, mature, sophisticated and successful men such as yourselves. Sorry I'm so wordy, but you know it comes from being part Italian I think :-) P.S. Thanks, Steve, for moving my post over to this category. I should have thought where I should have posted before I posted...
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I thought I was answering your question. But again, I use this product because it gives me a look that I like. It's casual, and I can still run my hands through my hair, and gives me a youthful appearance at the workplace, while still looking professional. That's how my product fits into my lifestyle--good enough for the workplace and good enough for after work. Your question almost sounds philosophical, but I'm afraid I can only give a practical answer. To answer the other part of your post, I'm 26.
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well im 18 so hahaha; i got black hair want to dye it a very light blonde as if i was born with blonde hair; gel/pomade/hair products utilized to get a desired "look" ......a certain special "look" which the natural "soft" hair cannot achieve; It just "looks" better; why? why all the trouble? why, for opposite gender attraction purposes of course hahaha - wasnt for bloody opposite gender i'd have a military mohawk cut which would further enhance my military image for paintball be advised though about winning arguments according to "how to win friends and influence people":
If you argue and rankle and contradict, you may achieve a victory sometimes; but it will be an empty victory because you will never get your opponent's good will.So figure it out for yourself. Which would you rather have, an academic, theatrical victory or a person's good will? You can seldom have both.
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I use Ice Wax on my hair. I used to use gel, but I got sick of that wet, shiny look, as well as my hair being stiff and brittle. Wax gives the hair a more natural look, and it's great for that "purposely messy" look. I'm 18, and I also use hair product to avoid "puffiness", and so that my hair stays styled throughout the day.
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I don't use any hair product with the style I'm currently sporting. My hair is rather long, curls a bit half way down the ears, and my bangs are just below my eyebrows. I like my hair this way. Everyone else seems to think it suits me as well. I do, however, have it colored. I have copper/golden orange highlights and I really like them a lot. Although they're not very subtle. I used to use everything from Paul Mitchell's tea tree wax to super hold paste (when I did the punky spike thng). The reason I used product like that was because the style I wanted couldn't be achieved without it. Tell your father that if no man used hair product, he'd be complaining about how many messy looking people he saw everyday. It's essential for some people with thick or wavy hair to put some product in it and keep it under control.
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People use hair products because they want to look good, however they construe that. Be it to tame flyaways or to sport a bedhead look, it all boils down to looking good. There's inevitably a bit of vanity in the endeavour, but there's nothing wrong with that, just as there's nothing wrong with wearing the clothes one likes (within reason). Guys have been using hair products for a long time; look at all those gents in the thirties with slicked back hair, for example. So yes, using gel/wax/pomade/spray/mousse (why God why?) and dye is a bit vain. Chalk it up to human nature and the desire to project a certain image, which ensures that everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs to rock stars to security guards will continue to use one product or another. Besides, the sales figures of male grooming products suggests that many, many guys other than 'metrosexuals' use them in some form.
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I personally use product because my hair is quite long, and in order to keep it somewhat manageable, I must use leave-in conditioners and gels. It not only provides me with a nicer, more "together" look, but it is absolutely necessary for me to use product in order to even be able to run my fingers through my hair, or brush it back with my hand. As for being vain, yes, any pursuit to better one's appearance could, in theory, be seen as vain by someone who takes less care. Using a reasonable amount of product or color is no more vain than buying clothing somewhere other than K Mart. I don't see a big difference in wishing to color your hair, or trying to avoid t-shirts with large grease stains.
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At the risk of hijacking this thread,may I ask a few slightly different questions? What are the differences among the various hair products? If gel and mousse are considered passe',what are the benefits/disadvantages of using: Paste Wax Pomade etc. ? What kinds of styling are they best used for? What type(s) of hair do they work best on? Thank you, Mitch
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Mitch,  For the past couple of years, I've had my hair go back and forth from long and curly to short and styled.  When it's shorter, I usually use gel to get it pushed up/back/off my forehead.  Gel seems to be the best for this application.  Although mousse works as well.  Gel leaves a stiff/wet look, whereas mousse makes it appear thicker and more natural.  Man, I hope use of these doesn't make me passe'.  I've also used pomade.  I find it doesn't do a great job of holding the hair.  From what I understand, its purpose is more to add a sheen look or slick back short hair.  I haven't used wax or paste, but I think wax is somewhat like pomade except with a better holding quality.
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First of all, mousse is intended to give your hair volume. That's why I'd never use it. My hair is thick enough as it is. I went through my wax phase. I used the one from Paul Mitchell's tea tree collection. What I liked about it is that it gave me the hold that gel does without drying up and getting hard. It does also give a little bit of a shine. You shouldn't use it if you want some wild style, though. It doesn't have the most amazing holding power, but just enough to keep your hair in place. Paste is the heavy duty stuff. Lots of people use it for spikes and things like that. I've never used it, so I don't know much else about it.
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