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What do you guys think of sideburns? Stylish? Cheesy? Totally unacceptable? If you like them, how big? What shape? I'm just wondering what you all think. Thanks, ben
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I had 'em when I was a lot younger. They looked ridiculous, I suppose, but what did I know? I think sideburns are acceptable on guys young enough not to know better (see above), or too old to care what anybody else thinks (a senior citizen, at the very least), provided that you have dense enough facial hair to carry it off (which most people in both the too young and too old categories don't). They're also OK on guys so gorgeous they can do any weird thing and still look great, or so homely or eccentric looking that the sideburns couldn't hurt. So, for 99.9% of guys, I'd say, "no." And that goes double for the countless high school to college-aged males who only think they're both 1) gorgeous and 2) have dense enough facial hair (see above again, much to my chagrin).
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I have shortish sideburns that go down to the bottom of the part of the ear that is attached to the cheek and is a half circle shape.  Not the part that many people have pierced [ear lobe], the part above that.  Don't know what its called.  I think they look alright. Admittedly, I used to have really, really, all-the-way-down-to-wherever-they-stop-growing sideburns when I first got facial hair and thought sideburns were the ultimate sign of my manhood, and I may have just never fully outgrown that
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I've been playing with mine recently. I think they're cool. But I own my own business and am trying for an artsy, edgy sort of look. May not work for everyone.
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I must admit that I fell victim to the sideburn craze in the late 80s when Brandon and Dylan from "Beverly Hills 90210" were the epitome of cool. Fortunately there is little photo documentation of that style experiment. I think sideburns can look good if they are kept trim and extend no farther than halfway down the ear.
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when Brandon and Dylan from "Beverly Hills 90210" were the epitome of cool
Were?. WERE?. Whatchu talkin about WERE.
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Depends. I think sideburns can look good if your face is angular enough and if they're not stupidly cut. Neatly trimmed hair coming down to somewhere on the ears, fine. Knife edges? Silly, no matter which way the point is pointing. Mutton chops or anything that extends beyond the ear and is not part of a full beard? Spare me. Shaved head with 'burns? Unless you're over seven feet tall and have NBA teams devise strategem just to deal with you, forget it. As for me, my hairstyle is basically modelled after one of today's great gentlemen, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan of Ghana, including facial hair. But because I'm a few decades younger than the honourable Secretary-General, I've added neatly trimmed sideburns that come down to the middle of my earlobes. Peace, JG
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Just my opinion here, but the only guy who ever looked "cool" with sideburns was Elvis back in the 50's. Wearing sideburns for most guys kind of gives off the impression of trying too hard to be cool.
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Get rid of sideburns!
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A clean cut look is universally appreciated. Not saying that sideburns suck, but you can't go wrong with clean cut.
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how bout these sideburns?

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Short ones are fine depending on the shape of your face....
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Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield. Nuff said. If you don't know who they are, you shouldn't be allowed sideburns. I rest my case.
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