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Outerwear/Shoes for Oslo in June?

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I am traveling to Oslo in June on business.  I am trying to plan what outerwear to pack, but am struggling due to the quick-changing weather and my unfamiliarity with street clothes in Norway. Hoping someone might be able to provide suggestions.  It is my goal to pack light with "universal" items, that can be worn with anything and used at home in the States when I return.


I plan to wear jeans for the duration of my trip (APC NS).  I will have basic t-shirts, OCBDs, 1 navy sweater and 1 grey sweater to layer with.  I expect to go on some trips to the fjords in the day, and to the clubs and bars at night.  


I have been debating purchasing a Barbour Bedale for quite some time.   I figure this would be the warmest jacket I would need for anything encountered in Norway at that time.  


I have thought about a Baracuta G9, but have never had the chance to look at one in person.  I am not sure about the jacket's suitability for rain, and ideally I do not need something as warm as the Bedale...


Ideally, I'd like to only pack 1 or 2 jackets to get along for the month.  How do you feel about these options, and do you have any others that might be better?


Lastly - shoes...  I would like to take one pair of shoes suitable for walking around town as well as hitting the clubs.  Again, I'm aiming for something a bit water resistant, and universal - okay in Europe and okay in the states.  I think brown would go with anything, and Chromexcel would be decent in the rain.  Perhaps a brown Chromexcel PTB?  Anything else that might be good?



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You don't really need a warm jacket for Oslo in June, as you are going to the fjords as well, I would bring something wind and waterproof.
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So pass on the Bedale, I take it.  Any thoughts on the Baracuta?  Or go a different route entirely?  The jacket appears to be Teflon coated - I'm assuming this would suffice for wind and rain?

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I'm not familiar with the Baracuta, but the Barbour could be sufficient, it all depends on how much time you plan to spend outside.
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Is anybody familiar with the actual style of dress in Norway?  If it's something more suitable towards Patagonia, etc, I could just bring a nice waterproof/windproof jacket.  I had figured it would be more formal, hence the Barbour or Baracuta.  Thoughts?

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Why is it important how Oslo streetstyle is, dress how you normally dress.

If you should dress how the natives dress, everywhere you go you would look like shit 90% of the time.
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There's really no "set" style, as you'll see everything there. 


As long as you're not walking around in a tux, you're good. 

For the weather, usually pretty warm (to our standards) from June-August. 


IMO, my only concern would be rain...and that's about it. 

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I don't know which fjords you are planning on, but if staying at sea level and not too far north you will be warm enough with a water and wind proof jacket and a good sweater. The Norwegian meteorology service has detailed statistics of averages and past weather for almost all places in Norway. Here is oslo: . .
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