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Originally Posted by othertravel View Post

I think it's a coincidence; here's why:
Frieshky is one of the major sellers on ebay, and I'm sure alot of people check the store for suits and such. I have them on my list of saved sellers as well, and noticed the Zaharoff suits. I did a search on SF last week and didn't find anything (but I didn't bother to post about it). Therefore, I think it was only a matter of time before somebody asked about it.

and quite by chance the manufacturer arrived to defend it? No.
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The suit arrived today (I purchased the one linked in the original post that started this thread).

Here are my thoughts:

1) The suit is canvassed for sure. The pinch test (pinching on either side of the bottom button on the jacket) worked like a charm here.

2) The cloth is very nice. My tailor (who works at a high end independent in my city) actually commented on how nice the cloth was. When I first felt the wool, If I hadn't known the make, I would've thought it was Zegna. I was impressed.

3) The cut, for me, was just ok. The rise in the pants, for a tall, was short, which I really detest. The pants, in the hip and seat, are close-fitting. It still fits alright, just not the kind of cut that I would accept as a general rule. The jacket has nice soft shoulders, with very little padding, and higher armholes. I like the fit of the jacket. Overall, the fit is fairly trim, although the trousers are trimmer, comparatively, than the jacket, so probably athletic builds would like this cut, assuming the high armholes wouldn't be an issue. I understand there are many cuts, so perhaps the issue with respect to the rise isn't universal.

Overall, I paid about $500 (with shipping and taxes) for this suit and I wouldn't be surprised if the retail was around $1500 or more. More importantly, I am happy with the purchase and I wouldn't hesitate purchasing another Zaharoff suit.

I was very skeptical when I pulled the trigger and I am pleasantly surprised. I would have no hesitation purchasing another Zaharoff suit.
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Cool, thanks for the info and review ezboy1000 and glad your purchase worked out for you.
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Several months have passed - thought I'd rehash this posting since my purchase.


I recently made a trip back to Nordstrom Rack and notice that all Zaharoff suits are gone.  I'm wondering if they no longer carry this particular brand or if there are 'other' issues.


I'm in the market for another suit and struggling to find a similar fit and similar price point. 


Any recs? 

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