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Geo F Trumper Violets. The one and only. To be applied with a silver-tipped badger brush and removed with a Solingen crafted straight edge.
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Not a cream, but today I used e shave's Linden / Avocado soap, and it was spectacular. Smooth, close shave, copious lather, no irritation.

I've yet to try the creams but I'm told they are well worth every penny.
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Originally Posted by hermes View Post
best one you can find at a drug store is king of shaves, out of the uk, you can find it at target of all places

agree. works well and is cheap as hell.
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i never much cared for those expensive british brands.

they seem fussy and old man-ish.

like something grandpa simpson would use.

much prefer the newer stuff out there. or if i have to use the old stuff, then the old stuff the french and italians make.
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I use about a dime-sized blob, no more. It's intended to lubricate, not to lather.

Originally Posted by haganah View Post
How the heck do you get it to last 7 months? Maybe I should be using a lot less then.
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I love Shiseido shaving cream. It's best for me
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I'm currently using an OTC local brand shaving cream (though looks more like a gel to me) concoction in a tube that is heavily menthol infused. I swear though it leaves my skin very cool and soft as it's ever been. The only thing is the oils in it do tend to leave your skin looking a little shiny/oily immediately after, but I think that's because it doesn't rinse off so easily and nothing a quick buff with a towel won't resolve. If you can find anything similar at your local drug store, I'd recommend it.
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Most weekdays I shave in the shower with a Mach III and Anthony Logistics unscented shave cream. I've found that some of the tube creams tend to stay creamy (i.e. do not lather well), but this one doesn't have that problem--it lathers up quickly in my hands. I've only recently discovered it, but so far I've been very pleased.

For weekends and special occasions when I feel like taking more time, I shave at the sink with a Merkur safety razor and badger brush. For this I prefer Truefitt and Hill, but I've used Proraso before and it also works well. FWIW, I think Proraso is the best value at its price point, but T&H is probably worth the extra cost.
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I'm the type who doesn't have a problem spending money on a premium brand of anything to try it. But I find that the cheap, drugstore stuff does fine. What is important to me is to spend money on changing blades regularly. That is what the shave is all about.
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Proraso vs Truefitt & Hill (ultra comfort) : (Fighting it out!) I just compared both - one day after the other. Both were very good, but the T&H (ultra comfort) provided a slightly smoother shaving experience (gliding just a bit better) and the closeness was a bit better. Definitely worth the extra money in my opinion. The Proraso is "fun" to have around, but I prefer TH.
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best I've ever tried is Kao's Success gel, a Japanese brand. silky smooth and no irritation whatsoever.
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Ive been using a cream from Arbonne, along with other products. I like it, along with a M3 razor.
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I really like GEO F TRUMPER shaving creams. I have limes, violet, rose and coconut. I am not crazy about coconut, but love the others. So far I have purchased the tubes and use them interchangeably. I was thinking about buying the shaving soap in limes (or violet or rose), but am not sure how that compares to the shaving cream. Anyone have experience with both and have an opinion? Thanks.
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I like Kiss my Face and am months away from running out. I am willing to try a new cream, and want something with similar qualities. Specifically something that is not drying, and does not leave a tacky film on the face after the first pass. Great scents are also a plus since the bedrock of any happy day is an enjoyable shave. I use a brush and DE. Nancy Boy is out of the question since I protest its name.
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WARS from Poland is good.
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