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Best shaving cream

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Can someone tell me which shaving cream that each one on you prefer.... Sometimes I find that just working up a good lather with a bar or soap is just as effective... Any Comments are welcomed Thanks
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My 3 favorites (in no particular order) 1. eShave 2. The Art of Shaving 3. L'Occitaine (shaving soap)
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The best drug store brand by far is Aveeno. I'd have to second GQ Lawyer with the eShave cream as well. GQL: I bought the AoS soap about two months ago, but haven't used it yet. It's on display in my shaving set. Now that I think of it, I haven't shaved in four months. I keep the stubble trimmed though.
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Mike: Gettin' any action with that stubble??How do you trim it? I like the AoS as well, and shave only as often as I need to to be presentable.
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i just use Edge and have been happy with it.  I hate spending a ton of money shaving cream since it's easy to dispense too much.  I shave in the shower so it makes my beard very soft and easy to shave.
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best one you can find at a drug store is king of shaves, out of the uk, you can find it at target of all places
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What about Nivea? It's available in many grocery and drug stores in the USA, and given that it's made in Germany, it comes with German engineering built in. ;-)
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I used to use eShave, but found it so thick and viscuous that it clogged the Mach 3 blades, undermining the closeness of the shave.  Perhaps I was using too much cream per shave.  I have been using Kiehl's for the past several weeks and have been satisfied with the results.
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i like sharps kid glove shave gel. its from this really new company, so far i think the only place you can get it is at and some stores in nyc. it's gel, not cream, so it doesn't clog your razor. it leaves me really smooth and i've never been nicked while i was using it. it's pricier than drug store stuff, but i think it's definately worth it because of the level of closeness you can get with it.
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i really like the Art of Shaving stuff; it isn't for everyone,'s sort of a process to shave, what with the pre shave oil, shave cream with brush, after shave balm. you might check out Zirh, which is supposed to be pretty good.
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The secret is more in the steps you take before the shaving process but the best barber shaving creams for me would be the Geo.F.Trumper (around £7) range and the new Yon-Ka barber cream - quite expensive at £19!
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Truefitt & Hill

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Originally Posted by amerikajinda View Post
Truefitt & Hill

+1. TF&H is the top of the line when it comes to shaving.
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Acqua Di Parma. It begins and ends there.
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Crabtree & Evelyn Sweet Almond Oil
Cyril Salter's Luxury shaving cream (any scent)

Everything else is nice, but not up to those two.

However if you're up for trying soaps, I can heartily recommend:

Provence Sante'
Pre de Provence
L'Occitane Cade soap (not the cream)
The Gentleman's Quarter (any scent)
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