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at long last, a shaving equipment upgrade

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so after six years (to the month) of using an incredibly basic gillette double-edge, i decided it was time to upgrade.

after much agonizing thought funneled into eagle-like impulsive action, the dust cleared to reveal this lil fella in the mail:


a bit loud? certainly, but it suits the owner

looking forward to the first shave!
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Hope you bought a good brush, creme/soap and blades to compliment it.
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after much agonizing thought funneled into eagle-like impulsive action

I like this piece of prose.
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Nice setup. I went to a safety blade about 15 months ago and have been experimenting since then on shave soaps and after shave. Recently switched over from Art of Shaving Sandlewood soap/lotion to L'Occitane Cade, and this stuff is the shit. I think this could be the last stuff I will try. So if you're looking for soap and lotion, I give that one a huge thumbs up.
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The custom soaps made by QED are the best shaving soaps I've tried. I'd recommend you give them a shot. I love the shaving soap sticks for travel, and the tubs for at home
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how was it?  puzzled.gif

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Considering making the switch to a safety razor.  I am having my parents look for my grandfather's old one to start with so I don't have to plunk down $50 for a Merkur from the get go.  Any advice on blades?  I saw the comments on the soap.  Any place that I can get a badger brush without breaking the bank?  What about sets (stand + brush)?


Thank you for your help, and sorry to hijack the thread.  I didn't think it was worth a new one.

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Derby blades are like $15 for 100, they're not feathers, but they work fine. If you're worried about a badger brush being expensive jus buy bore bristle, been shaving with one for 3 years, don't see why it needs to be so soft. I don't think you really need a stand.
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Thanks for the advice, fuji.

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I would definitely get a badger brush as they make lathering much easier and are easier on your face which is both more comfortable and less likely to cause irritation which leads to blemishes/acne/ingrowns. A stand of some sort is a must because the brush needs to hang upside down in order to dry effectively. The Van Der Hagen set is $30 on Amazon and includes brush, stand, mug and soap. I have the EJ best Badger brush which is $40 and includes a stand. As far as blades go you really need to buy a sampler to see what you like. Don't buy a large quantity of any brand until you've tried a few of them. I'm using Crystal Super Platinums now but like Derbies and Feathers a lot, too. Proraso creme is available for $11, Tabac soap is $13 for the refill cake (you don't need to spend the money on the version with the bowl). If you have sensitive skin try Taylor of Old Bond Street avacado creme, it's $14, lasts a long time, and is really good for your face.
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For someone looking to get their first badger brush and soap dish is this an acceptable set?

I currently alternate between an electric and a standard razor/cream depending on how much of a hurry I'm in.
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Looks fine, don't know about the soap I use proarso, but I don't believe brush really matters as long as its not ridiculously small.
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Originally Posted by jcb9 View Post

Any advice on blades?

As far as blades, it's sort of a personal thing. Feathers are great, but very sharp and probably not the best to learn with. Consider getting a sample pack from West Coast Shaving or someone like that. That way you can try out all sorts of different blades and find the one that works best for you. There is amazing variety. Don't assume the most expensive are the best. On that note, avoid the Merkur blades, which in my opinion are overpriced as hell for what you get. Personally, I like Astra. It just depends on your skin and the way you shave.
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+1 on merkur

They're what I started out on, I was paying like $6 for 5. They're not a bad blade, but they're not worth the price.
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update - this thing is absolute garbage compared to my six-year-old gillette that i bought for $0.50 in asia

i mean it feels nice (really well weighted) and looks alright and so on, but the shave is just too weak - the head, a muhle r89 i believe, is angled in a manner that prioritizes safety, and what good is that?
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