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Any other hypochondriacs out there?

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I seem to have become more and more of a raging hypochondriac over the last few years. Familiar pattern: something small wrong with me, look up symptoms on internet, find worst-case scenario (often featuring gruesome photos). Tell myself I'm probably fine, but then figure there's an outside chance I'm rotting/melting/dying.

I figure I'm not alone here.
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When diagnosed with cancer one of the first things they tell you(I know this from my mom unfortunately) is to stay off the Internet. You'll just scare the shit out of yourself
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Here too, but you can learn to control and minimize the effects with time. Stay off the internet.
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I'm the opposite of a hypochondriac; I assume any discomfort is something minor that my body will be able to take care of itself and so far things have worked out. *knocks on wood* Haven't been to a doctor in 4 years, and the only medication I've taken over that same 4 year period is 2 capsules of Advil.

So, I don't think I can help you out.
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My dad's always been a stoic (tries never to go to the doctor; just lives with chronic pain or whatever; declares that death will be relaxing compared to the annoyances of life) while my mom's a total hypochondriac. I wish nature and nurture had led me to a happy middle.

texas_jack: hope your mom's situation turned out or is turning out for the better.
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Necrotizing fasciitis is very high on my list of obsessive fears.
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Yeah, man. That shit's crazy.
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I don't spend a lot of time worrying about life-threatening conditions, but when I do get sick, my first thought is that I must be dying of something or other. Thankfully, I don't get sick that often. But about three weeks ago, I woke up at around 6 am with a sore throat. I swear to God the first thought that came to my mind was that I must have tongue cancer!
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Not anymore after learning about holistic and alternative medicine.
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