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What is everybody's opinions on the brand Zirh? Zirh is a men's skincare company, and seems to be somewhat more costly than other brands. How does it compare with brands like Kiehl's I'd like to know. Thank you.
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Zirh packs their products with menthol and peppermint. Both aren't really that good for your skin; they cause dryness. I stick to Lab Series, Kiehl's and Nieva. On a side note: I've swiched over to almost all Nieva; because of it being over half the price, and the same quality. Excluding shaving cream.
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I've been a Zirh user for a year and a half. Their facial scrub is phenomenal and I love "Fix" for spot blemishes. I may change soon for mosturizer (I use "Protect" for its spf15 in the summer). It's fine, but I had some La Mer a while back and it doesn't even compete (but La Mer is mucho$$$$$). I use Nickel's under eye treatment and it works phenomenal (it's got caffeine in it). I need to find a great moisturizer for a decent price... Mike C's got some more good advice I may look into. Pete
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Pete: I'd spend a little more on the moisturizer. Save money on the face scrub, wash and after shave. The Nieva versions are just as good and only $4 each. I used to use Lab Series Razor Relief ($25) which workes the same as the Nieva balm, and also keeps $21 in my pocket. The best moisturizer I've found is Polo Sport Face Fitness. This is after trying Clinique, Lab Series, Jack Black ($25..), and Vichy. However, I also use Aramis Surface moisturizer, which I love as well. It's got that reflective look, but minus the SPF factor. BTW; what do you need under eye treatment for? Also, what's so great about La Mer, I've never seen it before.
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I'll check out the Nivea for my basics. Moisturizer wise- Creme de La Mer is a great cream that's a really thick, firm consistency. I think it was developed by NASA or something strange. They sell it at Neiman's and Barney's. My mom gave me a bottle a while back after she began using it as a gift. It's amazing stuff that really works great and improved my face dramatically for dryness and blemishes. It left a nice sheen as well... I just think it's a ton of $$$ so I began using Zirh moisturizer which is good, but was much more watery and inconsistent with results. Not bad, but not great. I'll check out what you recommend. I think aramis surface sounds quite nice. The undereye gel I use by Nickel helps after long nights of partying and all nighters while studying(I'm sure you know all about that Mike). You can feel it open up your pores and it really does work. I let a few friends borrow it one night and they all went out and bought some after how much they liked it. Great stuff. Cheers
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i actually find a number of products better than zirh kiehl's is very good ( anthony logisitics is very good ( n>dn men has some good products ( kinesys sport products are great as well ( the list can go on and on i find any of the products from the names listed above are just a good if not better than zirh and it seems i get more product for my dollar than with zirh, not that i'm saying zirh is not a good product, it is, i find others better, but that's just one guy's opinion
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What is everybody's opinions on the brand Zirh? Zirh is a men's skincare company, and seems to be somewhat more costly than other brands. How does it compare with brands like Kiehl's I'd like to know. Thank you.
I personally do not like Zirh too much. Everyone else is right when they say they pack their products with menthol. Zirh products are after the same market as Kiehl's and is found at department stores. Their marketing is a bit different that Kiehl's in that they don't emphasize the natural aspect of its ingredients like Kiehl's does. Personally, I have a skincare regime that I'm pretty set with. I clean my face with Cetaphil. If my face is feeling oily or needs exfoliation, I'll mix in some Tea Tree Scrub by Aesop and/or tone my face with Peter Thomas Roth AHA toner. Usually, I just put on sunscreen and that does enough to moisturize my face, but if my skin is feeling dry, I use a moisturizer made by Phytomer. Once in a blue moon, I'll use a clay mask. I have two--one from Kiehl's and one from Fresh.
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I concur with the opinions here that Zirh face care products are not very good. I find them full of stuff that you shouldn't be putting on your face. The packaging is interesting though. It kind of looks like the Prada of face care. Although actually Prada makes skin care products as well. Scott
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I have found both Zirh and Prada products to be crap. Kiehl's and Jack Black are the best.
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