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Blueprint to transform my body in 3 months!

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Just wanted to provide you a bit of insight about my features, I am 5'9" tall at around 150 lbs. I have good defintions across my body along with moderate washboard abs. My biggest problem is that I am still skinny. I am hoping to gain mass on my frame up to 165 or possibly 170lbs mostly on my arms, shoulders, and chest. I am planning to consume Myoplex Deluxe and.... Beatgen (creatine) I also plan to eat 3 or 4 good meals everyday along with lot of peanut-butter sandwiches. I also will continue playing basketball everyday to maintain my body with lean muscles. Is there anything that I am missing? Any suggestions from you guys? Especially GQ Lawyer =)
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I have almost the same body type as yours and also want to bulk up a bit. Im 5'11" 165 lbs; I'd describe my body as "lean muscular": with defintion on my upper body and abs. I feel as if i put on another 15 lbs of muscle it would be my ideal body type (i definatly don't want to look like a bodybuilder, i prefer a lean toned body, as do most women). Last summer i joined a gym and did a full body workout every other day religiously for 3 months. However, the results were dissapointing, i only gained aroud 5 lbs but got more toned. My problem was that i didn't eat enough to put on the weight; i kept my normal diet. Now im not an expert on working out or anything, but all i do know is that i was in your exact situation last summer. All i can tell you is that your diet must compliment your workout if you want to see results.
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I'm 5'11 and weigh even less than what you weigh =/ I need to get my act together and start working out and eating properly but it's one of those things I just keep putting off or start and then quit again. I don't know if you'll be able to put on 15 lbs in 3 months though, it seems like a lot going on what i've read.
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3 words: Wholesale food clubs...(sams club,costco) You can buy the loads of clean food you'll need there. The best advice I can give you is to eat as much chicken,fish, and lean beef you can get your hands on. During my bulking cycles (right now I'm about 210, with a low Bodyfat %....Finally.) I eat around 400-450 grams of protein to gain the muscle I'll need without gaining a lot of fat. Don't rely on supplements too much, like most people do. Don't get me wrong I use my fair share of them. But they are there to "Supplement" your diet, not to be your only source of food. Whole foods are better for the body. As for carbs DO NOT eat anything thats white (rice, bread etc..) Stick to the whole wheat variations. When eating your protein, Try to split it up to at least 6 meals a day. Usually placed every 1.5 - 2 Hours a day. This gives your muscles a steady supply of protein to stay anabolic. You are going to need to LIFT YOUR ASS OFF, make sure you're near death when you walk out of the gym. Last but not least Rest. I never get as much sleep as I need. But if you have the time get the minimum 8 hours, do it. A body doesn't grow in the gym, it grows in bed. All you growth hormones are released during sleep, so the more sleep you get..... Lastly if you need any help with routines, IM the Anti-napster(GQ-lawyer)or Myself....good luck.
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I just wanted to echo everyone's great replys so far. The most important part is 1) your diet and 2) your routines. If you want to bulk-up you need to eat A LOT (5 times a day, in small, measured out quantities that contain lots of protein). Also, if you are trying to bulk, you should cut down (not out) on your cardio. As for your supplements, although what you have choosen is good, I fear that you are reading to much Bill Phillips. The Myoplex is good (as is Lean Body, IsoPro, etc.) However, at your stage, a good protein powder would be cheaper and more beneficial (2 shakes a day, a.m. and early p.m.). As for the Betagen.... no. Betagen is an expensive form of creatine that is only effective in the loading phase. If you take creatine with grape juice, you are getting essentially the same, if not better, creatine intake than Betagen. These days, however, I am a big fan of the Creatine Resum (no loading needed, no water retention, and 7 grams per shot).
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Check out for prices on supps you need.
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GQL- Creatine Resum is under what brand? Thank you
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