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Affordable Slim, Contemporary Suit for a Slim, Tall dude

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Hey guys, new to the forum, I have done some research and I am a complete novice when it comes to men's fashion. I wanted to start with a good suit that I can wear on job interviews as well as around town for formal occasions or a night out at a lounge, club etc. Basically a good all purpose stylish slim suit. I am 6 feet, 34 Waist and 34 Leg/Inseam. Chest is 40. So pretty slim for my height, any suggestions? Thanks fellas!


I looked at this but since it is not in stores its hard to tell from the pics how slim cut and contemporary this suit is.


Also looked at indochino, I like their suits but again dont know which would fix my build.

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I don't know if you're going to find anything stylish for that little money.
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Ok affordable then lol

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One of the criticisms of Hilfiger suits that I recall reading about were the fairly built-up shoulders. This isn't necessarily a bad thing if you need the height or bulk, but it may be off-putting for people seeking a softer (more natural) shoulder. On the other hand, there's this:


Right now you get additional 25% off with promo code "FRIEND" until 4/30, free shipping too. Tax is a problem but for $269 shipped for a jacket and trousers I just ordered a set myself today just to see how it fits. If it sucks there's a Macy's not 5 minutes away where I can return it. If it's as good as its reviews say it is, then I've got a nice disposable suit for less than 3Cs.

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Do a search on Suit Supply, you will find your answer there.
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omg, Suit Supply, thanks dude I found my answer, pure wool suits, slim modern cut under 500, perfect

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I suggest you get your inseam measured properly. I have doubts that you're six feet tall and have an inseam of 34 without a full set of rumples and ripples on the lower half of your strides.
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The Tommy suit looks really stylish in the picture I wonder if the quality is better.

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I can assure you that a mall-grade sub-$400 suit's strength isn't going to be quality. For one thing they're all going to be fused because the average mall-going, label-worshiping plebe isn't going to know any better. At least Suit Supply's stuff (most of it, anyway) is half-canvassed which should hold shape through a few more wears and dry-cleaning cycles than the Tommy or Bar III garbage linked above.


The only reason why I'm looking at one myself is that I actually need a disposable suit.

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+1 on suitsupply. But hurry, the spring collection is being sold very fast and choices are narrowing
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For those that buy from suit supply do you size down? 40's chests seem huge? It looks like I would be a 36-38?
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