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I have a scar on my forehead, and Mederma did nothing for me. I want to try Vitamin C creams. Has anyone used one of these? Which one's better? or or
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if it bothers see a laser scar consultant. but never expect to go away. it can be reduced but scars are forever.
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What type of scar?
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You should give picture of scar so we know exactly what we are dealing with

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Scars on a man's face can look distinguished. My uncle had a jagged one on his cheek. I envied it. Show us yours.
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Lighting bolt on the forehead can go a long way with women girls. 

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Sorry for replying on a wrong thread but since the number of replies are more here , I expect to get a response for my problem real soon too… Please help me ... I'm in dire need of someone who could recommend me any effective product which could make these dark spots from my face and and from other somatic regions of my body disappear and which is relatively affordable . I don't know why but this happens to me that whenever a mosquito or anything bites me , it leaves permanent dark spots on my body though in normal situations these are temporary and disappears within a few days. These spots look so bad . I've my wedding in the next few months and i really want to get rid of them. I've gotten some suggestions from different websites ,

and Is any of them worth buying ? Or if you have any more suggestions then please you're welcome . 

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Mederma only helps with small scars, and it never completely goes away.  you definitely have to see a plastic surgeon, depending on how bad it is.

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You can use these oral supplements which are used to treat scars include azithromycin, doxycycline.This will treat your scars quickly. Vitamin A and E are also repair these wounds. Resveratrol is a health supplement. Want to know more information visit here:

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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post

Scars on a man's face can look distinguished. My uncle had a jagged one on his cheek. I envied it. Show us yours.

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@Zeldafire, try INVICIBLE SCARS. It really works … After doing tremendous researches , I finally looked forward in buying this product. I had these dark spots due to some usage of wrong products . they became permanent and never disappeared. Believe me I tried tonnes of products to make them vanish but was always disappointed. I’m using this cream inviCible scars for 3 weeks and have seen a difference in the texture as it has lightened that portion. I may use it further more to complete the course because I’m really very much satisfied by it as it has really shown drastic effects in such sort span of time. Consult the website if you want any more details. On the other hand dr.murad’s cream is very expensive relatively and not that much effective. I’d prefer invicible only …good luck anyway :) 

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Mederma didn't work for me either. I'm thinking of trying invicible. Been looking for a hypoallergenic product for long. Fingers crossed now . Hope it works 

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Invicible for sure. It treated my scars too and i'm re-ordering it now because it keeps my skin smooth and silky

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Invicible is better than the rest.I consulted the website for you. The product seems to have the right kind of ingredients that are supposed to be looked for in a scar treating product. But Even though it's hypoallergenic you could still be sensitive to some of the ingredients in it and break out, so be careful

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