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Grey suit combo - assistance required

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Hi all,


This is my first post but have enjoyed reading the honest advice you have given to other posters in need of dress assistance. 


I will be going to San Francisco in late May for a wedding. The ceremony will be in the late afternoon on the beach and the reception will follow. 


I have attached 3 pics of different shirts and ties to wear with my light grey, can you please give me your thoughts? I also have a black suit but I think it's a bit boring. I only got it for work. 


I also need advice on shoes. I have black leather shoes but I'm thinking of trying brown. I love these brown Allen Edmonds Strands (see pic).


So, to summarise, can you please give me advice on:

  1. which shirt and tie combo I should wear (please advise if you prefer something not in the pics);
  2. what coloured shoes to wear with your recommendation; and
  3. does my belt have to match the shoe colour? I was thinking that brown shoes/black belt/black tie could work.


Any other feedback is most appreciated.













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The 2nd combination. Festive tie and enough contrast. With the Strands pictured, if you wish. Brown shoes generally require a belt that is brown or burgundy and never go with black.
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Of those, I like the first one. For some reason, the second just looks "office-y" to me, I don't know why.

Another combination I like for summer weddings is light grey suit + white shirt + light blue tie. You might want to try that out.
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Unfortunately, this turns out to be a duplicate thread.

Yes, #2 is a bit business-like (due to the tie), but it's still the best. However, it probably won't work on someone with fair skin and fair hair (or very little hair), due to the loudness of the tie. Or on a red-haired man.
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All of them look nice and cool, but do spend a little money to buy a nice wool green tie.
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I like #3. but then again 90% of my wardrobe is black.

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First combo has too little contrast.


Second combo is OK.


Third combo has too much contrast between the suit/shirt and tie.  In other words, the tie pops too much.  Seems like it would be distracting.  But if you have a high contrast complexion, the black tie would help draw the eye to your face (which is good).  I couldn't say more without additional information.

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I usually like slim ties, but these lapels just look a little too big to go so narrow on the tie.
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Why have you reposted this question - that is not the correct etiquette at all and serves to say troll.

However to indulge you, my original response.

"If those are your only ties wear two and burn the other pair. The shoes are fine and make sure that the flap on the pocket pocket is out, not one in, one out as in the photograph. Attention to detail is important.

Other shirts to choose from could be pink or blue. My advice is always to look about you and see what others do if you have no idea yourself. That way you can see the effect and then ape it."
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