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Seeking some advice

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Now that I'm beginning to do more media appearances I'm thinking of changing around the facial hair. I'm leaning toward a mustache and a soul patch...Mainly because most of the beard is grey and the upper lip and directly below it aren't, and I haven't shaved same upper lip since '79. Not sure I remember how... What's everyone's opinion, and try to be nice (Matadorpoeta this means you...)?
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Well, are you wishing to be seen as cool or wise? Grey hair shows you have experience, wisdom. A soul patch shows that you're hip, cool. What are you trying to communicate through the media to your audience? -- besides BUY MY BOOK...  
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sorry steve. i can't help you on this one. i've always either shaved my face clean or grown a full beard for a few months--never bothered with shaping it. i think we've all seen guys who looked better after shaving their goatee, and guys who looked better after growing one. i only suggest that in examining your face in the mirror you be creative and consider all options. concern yourself with the shape and length, but don't worry about the color. if it's grey, go with it. (and when have i not been nice?)
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I think how you have your facial hair now looks really nice. Of course, I can understand your wanting to change it up for more frequent media appearances. For what it's worth, I say keep it how it is. But, best of luck with adapting to something else, if you choose that. Definitely shave at the beginning of a time you don't have much planned in case things don't turn out how you would like.
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I rarely like soul patches.  Most guys can't even pull it off in their early 20's, when it's supposedly hip.  Personally, when I see one, it makes me feel like they're trying too hard. What you have now looks good, I think.  If you changed anything, either go completely clean-shaven, or grow out a full but neat beard.  If you went with a soul patch, I'd be afraid that you would be specializing your appearance to a market that normally gets its fashion advice from Maxim.  And that's not your book. By the way, I just finished reading your book a couple weeks ago.  Thanks.  Lots of good stuff in there.
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For a while now i've been sporting what I like to call the "Johnny Depp". I have hair on the upper lip, a "soul patch" and hair on the bottom part of my chin that extends as far as a goatee would go. Check out a picture of Johnny Depp, the GQ Man Of The Year issue has a good one, for a better example. I think it looks cool, i've gotten many complements, especially when I cut it off when I went to a funeral ("you looked better with the facial hair, man" was all I heard from my friends). You could try that out.
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MP: I was referring to a certain discussion on earrings and tattoos... Thanks for the advice guys. Still pondering...
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How much time do you have before your schedule gets hectic, and how fast does your facial hair grow? Try some different things (i.e. clean shaven, sould patch, beard, etc.) and post some pics here. We'll really be able to tell you whats up then. Anyways, keep us informed on any radio, t.v., internet appearences you may be having so we can tune in.
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Looks nice how it is, but if you feel like a change, you feel like a change... It's going to grow back, after all... right? I'd probably go clean-shaven, rather than a soul patch, but you could shave in stages, see how it looks, and plot your next move. I hear people are less inclined to trust a man with a full beard - it looks like they have something to hide. Otherwise, plan B: 1. Let hair grow out. 2. Enter World Beard and Moustache Championships. 3. Profit.
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Steve: I think that you look good at present. You would probably look good clean shaven as well. I see the soul patch as something that some people (prime example: Phil Jackson) do to cultivate a certain image. Jackson has really benefited from the Zen image, which some people say he actually knows very little about; in addition, they say that he may not actually have read many of the books that he gives to his players. Sorry, I digressed from the topic at hand. To me a person with a soul patch is probably trying too hard to be hip. You could always go with just a mustache, or a full goatee. I think that facial hair makes younger men look older and older men look younger. Don't worry too much about grays. I'm 21 and already have a few. I have a great deal of respect for those who are happy with the way they look and don't do too much to create an artificial image of themselves. And yes, keep us posted on your media appearances.
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Steve, having met you on a few occasions, I think you'd look great with the moustache/soul patch look, as long as the moustache isn't too thick. It would give to a more hip-intelectual type look that would work in your favor, in addition to a more youthful apperance. A key aspect of this look however, is the upkeep. You will need to keep it neatly trimmed at all time, as if you were about to go to a wedding. Letting it get too stragglily looks terrible. Also, you have a great full head of hair. I'd suggest you grow you hair longer, perhaps along the same lines as my style, except a little shorter. Fully exploit your good assets. Test it out and report back.
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