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^ i have a t-neck in thick but scratchy wool that's great for keeping warm in winter. oversized, 48-50 works well. ragland shoulders

if you like slim-cut pants and love soft lush linen fabrics you should get on those minimalist dna trousers

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yeaaaa buddy part of the MDNAT gang now
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Originally Posted by spacepope View Post

his pants are pretty nice, cool construction, pretty good value especially when compared to a lot of similar brands. I haven't touched the outerwear but some of it looks pretty cool (inner leather from last FW I think) and some of it looks uhoh.gif

has anyone tried the tops/jersey stuff? was thinking about picking up one of the echadh seam whatever you call it shirts

Got that seam shirt on a whim (maroon wool one). It's pretty nice.
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Where are most of his stuff carried nowadays?

I know he has his ZFactory store, BlackBird carrying some gear.

Is it still best to contact Zam directly? Looking for some black trousers
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google search...

buying through zam, works too, of course.
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Originally Posted by zamb;410506 
So we've been getting a lot of inquiries regarding this jacket,

so as to save ourselves from answering the same questions individually,
here is the general information regarding this piece:

This jacket was one of the strongest piece in the collection for the FW13 season

it was ordered by several stores and will probably come in three different variations, one of which will be carried exclusively by Zfactorie.

The style /Sample shown, is a very lightweight calf that is hand coated and slightly waxed , but will also be available in a black horsehide and possibly a ram leather in maroon/ deep red.

What we know is there will be a coated black in calf as shown, along with a black horsehide version, and a very deep maroon/ red of which we are still fleshing out exactly what kind of leather that will be.

Please be patient with us as we are still selling the final sales items of the FW12 season, along with dealing with production for the SS13 season and some custom orders for our private clients.
As a part of our renewed commitment to ensure that we do things properly, we will deal with FW13 items a month or so from now so that we can properly take care of SS13 deliveries and such......even though the FW13 collection is already released.

The Collection this season is significantly larger than before with a lot of Strong items and some solid basics that are updates of classic pieces along with some completely new ones we have introduced

as for the pricing on this Jacket which many have asked about, I am not sure yet and such information will come at the proper time, we haven't even began to calculate retail/ suggested retail for any of the items in the collection.
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i like that jacket!
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Very impressed with zam's current ss13 offering. I think the cut of the one button blazer is top notch. The shoulder shape is perfectly structured without being stiff or pogada-y

New belt designs and robust leathers, as always.

In my opinion his pants are hard to beat for the price. Excellent fabric with unique cuts and seaming. I wear the linen dna's all the time. super comphy...shog[1].gif

Cross-post from sz.

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yea zam is kicking some ass this season, i have fw12 dna jeans, very happy w/them
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that lapelless is fantastic, but devoa's was better foo.gif the buttoning stance is a bit too high imo

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Magic1, i have to agree that the 1B jacket is his strongest offering for this season and i would say it is one of the best he has put out thus far.
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

that lapelless is fantastic, but devoa's was better foo.gif the buttoning stance is a bit too high imo

Indeed! Devoa:

All ZB does is take CCP, Devoa, etc and re-hash or derive from it....
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^that's not a fair judgement. I can see the use of overlock stitching, which people credit to ccp for popularizing, but many brands are using it, not just zam. The pants and shirts and blazers or jacket don't refer to ccp other than what, a high collar, distressed leather? hard to give ccp that as "his." same thing with devoa. Just 'cause zam uses anatomical cuts doesn't mean he's ripping off devoa. Anatomical cuts have been huge for a while...have you seen athletic wear? It's more accurate to say devoa rips off ccp. don't get me wrong, I love devoa and ccp, but to say zam copies and rehashes them is just slanderous and inaccurate.
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