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Originally Posted by slerpen View Post

Do you have a retail location? I live in Brooklyn and would be interested in trying on some pieces prior to purchasing.

there was a part of our studio set up for this purpose, but now we changed it as we need more space for work


it is still possible to come and visit an try stuff on, but at the moment there is no full retail location as we have made it into more work space

you can just send us an email and make an appointment to visit





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For all our friends here at Styleforum from the ZB team

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Hello to all our friends!

Today is Zfactorie Boss's Birthday!
It is also the second Anniversary of Zfactorie web store.
With Fathers Day, San Antonio Spurs Championship, Birthday and Web store Anniversary there is so much to Celebrate.
We want to extend out joy to you from the bottom of our Heart,
As such we are having a 24 hour sale!

50% off on all items in the web store, and it doesn't stop there. One LUCKY customer will receive a store coupon the exact value of their purchase!

To receive your discount and be entered for winning, please use coupon code: ZBirthday to receive your discount.


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Which pants would be recommended for skinnier legs? I remember reading that some models are better suited for larger thighs, but I can't remember which.
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thanks for your reply


the DNA and the minimalist J fits nice and slim this season



Pre Paris sale begins today


everything is 50% off now for the rest of the SS14 season




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Hello to all,


If you are in Paris this season and want to check out our work in person, please come and visit us.
for the third season we are showing with Stealth Projekt so if you are familiar with the showrooms you will know where to find us.

If you would like to visit and view the Spring 2015 Collection, please do not show up unannounced.You can send me an email at: dialogue@zambarrett.com and I will schedule an appointment for you at a time when we are not busy with Buyers/ media etc.
Otherwise on Sunday June 29th, there will be a party and all are welcome to come..........this party will morph into the SZ/ Silencio event so I will see you all there.

Business continues as usual at Zfactorie. if you have made a purchase or is having issues with an order, please email Kymoya at: tracking@zambarrett.com, she is more that willing to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.
In the event i am needed she will get in touch with me. I will be only away for 6 days so please be patient and if there is anything to sort out I will do so on my return from Paris

We are still 50% off on Zfactorie, and will continue to sell at 50% until the end of the season, so if you need an item please buy because I doubt there will be any further markdowns. 

Congratulations to Mathieu Collette our customer who won the prize of store credit of 100% of his purchase. because he shopped with us on June 17th our Birthday/ Anniversary sale.



we thank all our freinds here and we will provide some update of the new collection soon!

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Hey guys,

I'm new to Zam and like some of the pants but am looking for a simple, non drop-crotch pair of jeans/pants.

Kind of trying to choose between the DNA and the J Jeans.

Is there a better choice? I'm headed toward the more avant side of things (MA+, LUC, etc) and would love to add some ZB to my wardrobe.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: liking the minimalist slim pants as well.
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thanks for the inquiry


you cant go wrong with either DNA or J Jeans


this current iteration of the j jeans is the newest, it fits slimmer then the earlier iteration and many aspects have been slightly updated 


the DNA is a classic and no need to explain those.


Minimalist DNA is the same fit as DNA Jeans in the leg, but with a tailored upper block, the minimalist DNA has been by far the best selling pants this season and has been restocked



Feel free to let me know what size are you


now is a good time to buy, everything is 60% off now with discount code: final60

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Is it possible to ask for measurements for the sizes 44 and 46 for both the minimalist DNA pants and minimalist slim pants?
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For all measurement request


Please send an email to: tracking@zambarrett.com



Kymoya will be sure to take care of you






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Gotcha, thanks!
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