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^ Ask Artishard or Synthese.
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I cold wash / line dry everything I own including lots of zam stuff. Never had any issues.
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cheers, thanks art!

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Originally Posted by Zamb View Post

I understand where you are coming from, but what are you buying?
clothes or poses?
you of all person know very well the quality of our more from us so that we have money to hire a high end photographer.

Small companies have limited funding and have to decide where they are going to spend it. I prefer to spend it on making great pieces from very nice materials rather than on photography and then compromise the work.
We will have nice pics for SS14, but I'm not gonna get carried away by you advising/ stressing that we should "invest" (money you are not sure if we have) in photography

Precisely why i want you to get better pics, your sales go up and prices go down, i buy more biggrin.gif

not suggesting an expensive photographer, just better illustrate the quality of your work, anyways you'll get my cash either way...
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Anyone know the blazer Zam is wearing in the entry page video?

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Since artishard seems to be having a day off, I'll try to reply: I think it's his 'weightless blazer'.

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Zfactorie Fall 2013/14 Final sale . 60% off on all stock on the web store site until the release of Spring 2014 items. Lots of great items in every category. From Leather Jackets and Coats to Blazers, Pants Tops and accessories! PLEASE USE COUPON CODE: FW60 at checkout to receive your discount

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nvm it sold

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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

nvm it sold

Very busy and hadn't have the time to check in here as I would want



what was your question?



feel free t message me 




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Hello all Just like to inform our friends here at Styleforum


We finally have the SS14 Items up for sale on Zfactorie. The full range of clothing items are viewable in the categories of BOTTOMS, TOPS, and OUTERWEAR The full range of available accessories will be listed in the next few days. there are still a few things we will be adding to the site which should come later this week. All measurements for the items will be added to make it easier for customers to know which size to choose While not perfect the photographs this season are much better with greater visibility on terms of the fabric texture etc Please do feel free to have a look and share your thoughts on the New offerings. Here are a few of my personal favorites from the season.


Zipper Neck Academy Tunic in combat green

Minimalist DNA Pants in black 15oz basket weave cotton

Long Heavy Horse leather "Punched" armband Gloved


Minimalist Jacket in black 100% Linen with handmade horn buttons

Minimalist DNA Pants in black 15oz basket weave cotton


Overlocked Raglan Front Short Shirt in Calf Leather

Minimalist DNA Pants in black 15oz basket weave cotton

Asymmetric Back Panel Tank in black cotton

Long Dome Reversible Beenie in wool

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Nice to see better models and better photos. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Ah, that's much better. The new take on the pictures have made a noticeable difference.


Asymmetric side zip shorts look nice and slouchy and long in the inseam. I like it. Also, please don't sell out of the boiled wool cardigan before I buy one. tia.

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I was looking for the armband but couldn`t find it on the "Accesories" section. Is it not up for sale yet?


I said it on SZ already but really like this new season. That leather shirt (though it was a jacket) is fantastic and the new drop crotch models are very interesting. 

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thanks for the reply


the accessories will be up later this week


New beanies, bags , some scarves and a good bit of small leather goods


the arm band seems to be a hot item, it will be up later this week, bit we already sold like 3 of them as they seem to be in big demand


Yea, its called a shirt beause it has no lining or pockets, but the pattern is cult like a jacket so it can be viewed as a hybrid Shirt-Jacket

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Linen jacket looks cool, no 52 though? Waiting for the measurements to be posted to see if a 50 will work.
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