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Had the chance to try on my soft tailored J trousers and they are very nice. The fabric was much more substantial than I had imagined and fit is spot on.
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Hey Zam, I had a quick question for you.

I've got a pair of Slim minimalist pants in heavy black linen. Problem is, they're a bit big on me. Waist needs taking in, and I'd like to taper a bit. As the side seams go all the way up the pants, would it be crazy to just ask a tailor to take those seams in, instead of altering select portions? Is this even possible? Just thought I would ask the designer before asking a bunch of tailors (in Memphis TN, some of whom have asked why I would want to make pants slimmer) smile.gif
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Hey man


hope all is well

we are in Paris at the moment presenting the fall 2014 Collection, luckily i am on a break and just checked in a little

as to your question......the pants can be taken at the back for the waist


as for the legs you will have to use the inseam because there is no side seam on the pants, I don't think it should be a difficult adjustment however it needs to be done by someone highly skilled to get the proportions right.


Also since a few people has messaged me that I didn't have a change to reply to. I want to let everyone knows that the FW13 codes fr the Pre Paris sale has been extended. the banner on the webstore says the sale ends on Jan 14th, but the coded has been extended for those who would still like to make a purchase at 50% off


We will have images of the New collection in the Next few days.





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Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new collection!

By the way, I put your double layered beanie to the test today with the snow and the cold temperatures. Happy to report that it kept my ears and head super toasty despite how light it is!
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Holy shit A/W '14 looks so goddamn good.
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@Zamb's customer service is pretty amazing icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

thanks for all the help (again)
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Originally Posted by Noctone View Post

Holy shit A/W '14 looks so goddamn good.


indeed my friend,

Spring 2014 and AW 2014 will be very good seasons for us


@the shah, its all good man, hope you are enjoying the new one!




Just want to say a kind thanks to all those who visited us in Paris and managed to have a chance to view our FW14 collection. it was indeed a pleasure meeting many of you and showing you all our work.

Pictures of the collection will be up in the next few days as they are being edited now and will be available through our agency and through SZ very soon.

For all those who made purchases through Zfactorie over the last few days, some items have been shipped by Kymoya while others remained here awaiting my return for several different reasons.

i am back in town now and I will be sorting through all the purchases and making sure all orders are honored. we ask for your patience as we deal with this to ensure everything is deal with smoothly and properly.

Also for anyone who has messaged me about the coupon codes and has not received a response, the coupon codes have been extended, so feel free to go ahead and use the current coupons to make your purchases. all items are 50% off on the site at the moment and will continue to be so until the end of the season.

please use Code: 50off

we want to thanks everyone again and we look forward to a tremendous 2014!

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Spoil'd the older SS14 pics from the SZ thread,

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Zamb, did't know you were posting actively here in SF. Check you PM. Been waiting for a month or so for your reply.. dozingoff.gif
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Originally Posted by onijo84 View Post

Zamb, did't know you were posting actively here in SF. Check you PM. Been waiting for a month or so for your reply.. dozingoff.gif

Had the same problem on SZ.


Zamb and his crew were busy because of Fashion week.


I had a reply pretty quick on tracking@zambarrett.com


Hope this helps.

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I dropped a mail to dialogue@zambarrett as instructed by zb...still waiting for a reply...
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It looks like he's busy with far more important matters.
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Anyone got any insight on how to the Z1 standards fit on shorter guys? I am 5'5" and tempted to cop a pair from B&S but wouldn't be able to get them hemmed without losing that lovely raw finish on the cuffs. Heavily tapered pants tend to look good on me and the fabric of the Z1s looks lovely but I'm just worried that there will be absolutely ridiculous stacking 'cause of the 35" inseam and it'll just chop my proportions on too much.
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Why would you hem? Just cut off the excess. If you're worried about fraying run a tight stitch all the way around close to the edge.
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zamb posts always bring a smile to my face.

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