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and furthermore, that is NOT out of the question to expect people to take longer than 24-48 hours, especially smaller operations like his.

^Not to sound like I'm pushing Z's goods, but I like what he does, and feel that the product I get for the price I pay is always on point. A lot of other 'SZ brands' charge double, even triple the price for a lot of the things he sells. Granted sometimes the fabric is nicer, but it is what it is and his stuff has gotten better over the years.
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Zam has been very cool towards me, remember he is a designer first and a retailer second, sometimes it takes him a bit to get back, sometimes he is quick, it happens, overall i have had good convos and transactions with the guy.

Side note, blasting him here and on SZ is not cool. it feels like you are trying to get attention now.
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zam's always been super cool and helpful in my experience, which is in no small part why i continue to buy from him season after season. yeah sometimes it takes a week or two, big effin deal.
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unnecessary / needless / useless

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Received ZB double buckle belt few days ago. It's a nice somewhat unusual black belt, a little stiff, thick leather and overall good quality. Since it's made of calf leather, I'm sure that it will continue to soften with time. I can recommend Zamb products.

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Has anyone tried removing the metal loop on the back of ZB pants?

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^ Yes, it's really easy to do and you won't have to worry about destroying your washing machine in the future.
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super dumb question: if I have a 38" chest, would I be a 48 in zam's tops? euro sizing frightens and confuses me.

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In general, 48 for shirts and a 46 for outerwear since his coats/jackets fits a bit boxy.

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Had the camera out for another thread so I figured I'd throw up my Zammmmy goooodnesss

9ft linen scarf and Z1 standards...

Minimalist J pant and Henrikkson hoodie

A couple things I thought I'd share to add to the thread and help potentially answer questions.

1. I'm pretty athletic and Z's pants are great for me in the top block. If you're rail skinny you may not like it........ but if you run/lift and have trouble with other 'SZ' brands.....Zam's bottoms may work for you.

2. From my experience, all his bottoms are sized 46=16" across waist, 48=17" across waist......etc. So take that into account if using your true waist measurement when ordering.

3. His tops however are cut like the norm.....I'm a broad shouldered 52 and I'm pulling pretty bad in the shoulder of my hoodie. So if you're say a muscular 40" in the chest, you may want to try a 52 in his tops.

4. For anybody on the fence about trying to find J pants from a certain brand, I was highly impressed with the fabric on my SS13 ones. I didn't really pay much mind to how it was originally hyped, but I got to say in person it's the real deal.

Overall I'm very happy with every purchase I make from Z. I didn't really vibe with some stuff in past seasons, but I really liked a lot of pieces from SS13 and this coming fall. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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What fabric did you get for the J pants? 

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The vintage British cotton from SS13.
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Where's the best place to buy his trousers? Any sales right now? Sounds like I'm between a 46 and 48.
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