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Thoughts on current Hart Schaffner Marx ?

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Hi SF gurus -


I'm new to the suiting world and want to get opinions on Hart Schaffner Marx in terms of their current quality and fit. Ebay's got some of their stuff on sale, and I'm kind of eye-ing this cream sportcoat:


Anyone have experience with HSX? I'm thinking I could probably pull this off with some navy slacks ...


All thoughts and comments are appreciated!


- Albert

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Isn't HSX a diffusion line? In any event, I'd strongly recommend avoiding any tailored clothing sold with S/M/L sizing unless you can try it on, just seems like you would be very likely to get something that doesn't fit well.
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This is a good point. Always better to try on something tailored first.


What is HSX a diffusion line of? Weren't they a full-on suiting house way back?

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realized you probably meant HSM was a diffusion line of the full on Hart Schaffner Marx label.

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I"m curious what people think of them now... Nordstrom has made them a pretty big partner since the Abboud merger is over.  They also can be found in Von Maur, Lord & Taylor, may have even seen some recently in a Bon-Ton store.  


Bloomingdales has a specially made line of them I am not familiar with but maybe others are.


I own a few of their suits.  I find the quality to be okay, but not great.  If they can be found on sale they are worth it, but not full price.  For me though, their "New York fit" which is a slightly slim fit fits so perfectly - almost no alterations are often needed that I trade quality of garment for fit.  For reference, the other suit which fits me quite well is the Fitzgerald BB suit.  Though, moving forward I think I will be looking at MTM options.


Overall I think the quality has gone down.  I am not sure if they still make the "gold trumpeter" label.  The other thing I have noticed on the tags, is there is almost an implication each store has a say in exactly what features/fabrics they want included.  I know HSM was guilty of that int he past, the suits at Macys were worse than others.  

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